Revision Strategy to crack UP PGT 2021 Exam

UP PGT 2021 Exam

There are a total number of 2595 vacancies for the post of Post Graduate Teacher after qualifying UP PGT Exam. This is released by the UP Secondary Education Service Selection. The UP PGT Exam is going to be held on 17th and 18th August 2021.

With only a few days left to prepare for the Exam, the aspiring candidates need a proper last revision strategy to crack the exam. In this article, you can learn a few tips that will help you in the final preparation of the UP TGT 2021 Exam.

As you already know the first stage of the exam is the written test followed by an interview. The multiple-choice question-based exam is of 2 hours duration. Although there are no negative marks for wrong answers, you should focus on getting as many correct answers as possible to qualify for the Exam. 

As you have already known the concerned subjects for the exam. You need to remember the exam pattern and study according to your concerned subject. The list of concerned subjects is given below-

Concerned Subjects

EnglishHome Science
CivicsMilitary Science
PhysicsLogic and Reasoning

In addition, to this you need to follow a subject-wise pattern that will help you crack the UP PGT Exam. Revise all the topics from the syllabus. For the last day’s strategy, you can start revising all the formulas and methodologies that you have learned.

Give at least 2 hours for topics related to general knowledge, at most 3 hours for solving questions from qualitative aptitude. In addition, keep 2 hours for English language preparation and the remaining time can be given to your concerned subject preparation.

To complete all the topics in a short time you can follow the day-wise strategy given in the table. This will help you organize your time effectively and reduce anxiety and stress before the exam.

Following a study plan daily can help you work on your weaker points. Study each topic from a given topic and maintain consistency.

UP PGT Tips for preparing the English language-

Understand which topics are important in the UP PGT recruitment exam. Try to evaluate if the previous year’s questions were easy or tough. Give more time to difficult questions and prepare accordingly.

While solving mock test papers try to calculate the time and number of attempts that took you to solve a question. Note the number of attempts in which you are getting the correct answer. Gradually try to reduce the number of incorrect attempts and continue working on this in the last few days of your preparation. Additionally-

  • Read English newspapers every day to increase your vocabulary. Learn new words and note them down along with meanings.
  • Practicing daily for the grammar section is a must. Take grammar tests every day and analyze your performance.
  • Try to reduce minor errors like spelling mistakes and punctuation. 
  • In the Exam read the question twice to make sure you have understood it properly.
  • Take online mock tests to increase your success parameter and analyze areas of improvement and current performance.

Last few days preparation tips for General Knowledge section

  • Prepare for the exam by solving past papers or going through the previous year’s questions.
  • Analyze every mock test paper you solve; this will help you in understanding your level of accuracy.
  • Understand the pattern of the questions for the general awareness section.
  • Make notes on Current affairs and read the news to stay updated on the latest current affairs. The latest news and events may be included in your Exam so pay close attention to those.
  • Attempt General Knowledge quizzes daily.
  • Make it a goal to learn some new facts every day until the day of the Exam.

Preparation tips for Quantitative aptitude section-

In the last few days before the exam, you need to focus on revising all the formulas and methodologies that you have learned.

  • Revise all the tables and roots you have learned and practice shortcut methods to save time.
  • By now you should already be able to solve problems in a short time. If not, then you need to work on your speed and accuracy during this time. 
  • Practice mock test papers and time yourself accordingly. Do not try to learn new methods and rules now. Practice the same methods as before and try to reduce calculation time. 
  • Lastly, analyze every step of your performance after completing the UP PGT syllabus.


As you already know a major portion of the exam consists of the concerned subjects with regards to your post-graduation qualification. Therefore, follow books that have all the topics related to your concerned subject.

Practice and learn keywords that can help increase your retention power. The key to crack the UP PGT 2021 Exam is to practice, revise and take small but frequent breaks in between your studying hours. This will help increase your focus and help you in remembering the concepts.

In the last few days, do not try to learn new topics as they may confuse you. Continue revising and practicing all the topics that you have covered before. Do not cram all the rules together and practice only a few in one day. 

Therefore, focus on practicing and revising more during the last few days of your exam preparation. Rest, revise and practice will help you crack UP PGT 2021 Exam. You can Checkout further education blogs here.



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