Pick the Right Background Music for Immersive Voice Over Recordings


The best audios are the ones that have a perfectly balanced background music score. As music is called the universal language, it helps to complement a large part of what you hear. Sometimes a documentary or an animation voice over consists of emotional quotient and the accompanying background music helps the story seem more relatable to the listeners. Background music can make any audio much more effective as it is an interpretation of the feelings in the audio. Remember your favourite video game? It might have an amazing audio narration but without an exciting and pumped up background music no one will not play with the same feel and enthusiasm! In a nutshell, a proper background music can add a lively touch to professional voice over services.

While the focus of any audio should be on the voice overs, it doesn’t mean you’ll be distracting your listeners with the background music. Selecting the right music is not going to take the attention away but will enhance and make it more mesmerising. Here are a few points that will help you understand the power of quality background music for your audio: 

  1. Create perfect ambiance

Background music creates ambiance and adds up to the experience of the voice over. Music can enhance the overall intrigue and feeling of the audio by stimulating the mind of the listener.

  1. Boost the Focus

Music has the potential to improve the listening and understanding ability of the people and can eventually help in developing more focus on the voice over of the audio. Also, it can help in better retention of the audio in the minds of the users. 

  1. Express right Emotions

Characters of varying degree that are found in background music, can help to deliver the voice over with the intended emotion. Music can emphasize the underlying emotions of an audio beautifully and can uplift the mood of the listeners, excite them or give them a feeling of relaxation. The possibilities are just endless!

Choosing the right background music for your audios:

While music is synonymous to the language of the world, you need to consider your audience and their taste before finalising the right score for your demo or audition. Keeping your customer or client in mind can help to understand their liking and hitting them with the right note can evoke the exact emotion in them. For example, if your voice over is targeting young kids, you can select a vivacious soundtrack and if you are doing an Elearning tutorial for professionals, choose a subtle and formal background music that goes with the engaging and professional voice over recording.. 

While a good background score is perfect for the entertainment and emotional value, it’s also crucial for connecting a user to what’s happening, in the right frame of mind. Whenever you are selecting a music for your voice over demo or audition, you need to consider many points as your aim is to enhance the listening experience of the client and not to diminish it.

Other Elements That Impact How Users Might Perceive Music:

  1. The variation in the pitch
  2. Tempo of the music
  3. Dynamics 
  4. Lyrics (if any)
  5. Pitch variation

Different cultures have their own forms of music and this does not mean that a given piece of music will convey the same message from culture to culture in terms of its meaning and or emotions. It’s true that music can help to make your demos more engaging and immersive but you need to be careful while making the selection, especially if you are working with people who do not come from the same culture as you (Techeest). Afterall, communicating well to your target audience is very important.

Also, emphasizing just on the music and neglecting the quality of voice over can do more harm than good. An outstanding audio consists of the right mix of voice over with the music and can influence the listeners considerably. Hence, working on your voice over skills is equally important to deliver superior voice over demos. 

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Make your voice over recordings engaging and enjoyable for everyone by incorporating the right background music. Trust us, you won’t regret your decision!


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