Rise In the Popularity of Netball as A Sport


The most prominent and trending sports games in Australia is the famous Netball game. The game is played in between two teams and each team comprises 10 players out of which 7 plays on the game court. The game arena is rectangular and has goal rings raised at every end. The game possesses worldwide popularity with about 1 million athletes. Commonly, this sport was considered for women, but that does not set any boundaries for men.

Both men and females can take part in the game there is no boundary to gender here. Due to this reason, the game is also popular as mixed netball. This game has found its way in being on the top games in Australia and in other countries as well. The origin of this game was UK and yet Australia seems to be on the top of the board for having a good reputation here.

What Is Mixed Netball?

It is the same as netball, but here the only difference in this game is that both men and women play together in a match instead of playing separately. Each mixed netball team ought to have at least two and at most of three male players in the game arena. Men are only allowed to hold a seat either at GK/GD, or a seat at the WA/WD/C, or a seat at the GS/GA. In all, a single team must comprise 5 players to begin the play. 


What Are the Main Rules for Playing Mixed Netball or Simply Netball?

Some of the basic and important rules for playing netball are as follows:

  • There are a total of 10 players out of which only 7 players must be present there at the game arena. 
  • All the members of the teams must wear their numbered jerseys to represent their respective teams. Sports shoes are also an essential aspect.
  • A toss takes place before the game commences. After that, the teams’ interchange centre passes. During this point, each of the players is at their respective positions.
  • The opposition Centre is encouraged to pass, but following the whistle, everyone must observe the foot rule. 
  • Foot rule refers to Receiving the game on either or both feet is permissible but jumping or extending the trying to land on foot is not. The ball is only allowed to advance 1.5 steps according to the rules.
  • The ball might be shot by the Goal Attacker or Shooter, but they should be within the goal area to strike.
  • One of the most proposed rules in this list of mixed netball guidelines is aptly called ‘how to win the match.’
  • If a team can beat their opponent’s score within 60 minutes or an hour, then that team wins. There is only two break period in between the game (each of 2 minutes). 
  • The players should behave politely with his or her fellow teammates and also opponent teammates inside the game arena. Any kind of rude or misbehaviour may lead to disqualification. 
  • Players must also trim their nails, tie if they have long hair, and they need to be properly dressed for the game. No jewellery or something like that is allowed to wear during the game.
  • The squad and its members of the mixed netball team must reach the game arena before time.

In the famous Commonwealth games, mixed netball is also played by athletes. The game is popular in about 80 countries across the world. With the passing of time, more and more boys and men are coming up to take part in this famous game along with women. Suncorp Super Netball is held in Australia. It is their main domestic league. The rise of Netball is massive, and many countries are adopting this sport.



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