RUPIN PASS TREK: The Complete Guide


The Complete Guide of Trek

 If there is a classic trek in India, it must be the Rupin Pass. This walk is like an orchestra, and every hour or so is full of surprises. Walking takes you every step you take, you will see new landscapes and discover new landscapes. suddenly!

 Start your first day of hiking with a surprise. When you see the Rupine River appear in the wide river bed below you, you are about twenty minutes down the road. It didn’t stop here. It Will not stop. Road takes you through the suspended village from here, and then suddenly plunges into a deep pine forest. Not all. This is not everything. Then the trail goes through glacial nature, snow bridges, glacial canyons, snowfields, and hundreds of waterfalls.

 Luping River is the only path that does not change on this path, leaving you in a daze. In addition to the scenery, the blue water rushes down the road. Sometimes running, sometimes sliding.

 The famous three-tiered Rubin Waterfall reaches its peak in the Uth-shaped Glacier Valley. From a distance, it looks like a waterfall falling from the clouds!

 Then all of this ended in an exciting and blooming adventure climb. Not surprisingly, Rupin Pass is one of the best trails. This is a great experience!

 In other words, this is a smooth and difficult hike. You walk about 10 kilometers every day and the stadium is very difficult. The climb from Upper Falls to Rati Pheri and the steep climb through the gorge to Rupin Pass 15,380 feet requires excellent lung energy. to be prepared! to be prepared!

 Before we begin, there are some quick facts about the Rupin Pass hike. The Rupin Pass travels through the Himalayas in a 7-day period (including round-trip trekking, days with cushioning and air conditioning).

 The journey begins in the remote village of Gisquin in Uttarakhand and ends in Sangla Village, Himachal Pradesh. This is an extraordinary journey, beginning and ending in a state.

 Lower Cascade Campground

 This is a moderately difficult hike that only experienced hikers can try (see this page for more information in advance).

 One of the most exquisite campsites in the Himalayas is probably Lower Cascade. It sits on a bed of lush green grass, at the foot of a perfect U-shaped glacial valley. The snow-covered cliff is located on three sides, which can be seen from the bottom of the grass. In

 Frontage, Rupin fell from the snowy area of ​​Dhauladhar, forming the famous Rupin Waterfall, at a distance of more than two thousand feet. This camping is a luxury to spend two days!


 Adventure Crossing

 The Luping River is half a mountainside. When you see it on the road for the first time, the near-vertical elevation is enough to stop your heart from beating. (Even our employees and the Trek leader showed this sentiment, even though they have done this hike many times!). The 200-meter climb takes place on a steep snow slope, crossing the narrow rocky boundary of the mountain range. Because it is difficult to find a foothold here, our staff will cut through the hard ice for you. When you go up you will find your feet reverberating and crossing the slope. In addition to the scenery, the blue water rushes down the road. Sometimes running, sometimes sliding.

This upgrade is just as exciting! The meadow on the Kinnaur side. The trail descends rapidly from the snow line and passes through the endless wetlands to Sangla Kanda. In the center of this meadow is the Ronti Gad camp. Snow-capped mountains leaned against the camp and there was a large stream in the camp. Chapter  In All Heaven, This Is A Gift! The meadows of Sangla Kanda are fantastic, especially around it. Standing over 20,000 feet tall, the sharp edges of the Kinnaur Kailash mountain range can see the waters of Sangla Kanda, just enough to keep you on your toes.

Best time to hike Rupin Pass

 Rupin Pass trek: Summer and Autumn, mainly in two seasons. In summer, you can go hiking from mid-May to the end of June. Autumn can be carried out from mid-September to mid-October. This is the best time to cross the Rubin Pass.


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