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Should I Get A Lawyer For A Hit And Run Case?

Have you ever been in a car accident?

If yes, you already know how devastating the experience is. What happens when the person responsible for the accident runs away? You are already in a shock after an accident; on top of that, you now have to worry about paying your medical bills, car repairs, and other expenses. Isn’t that even worse? In such cases, you need all the legal, medical, and emotional help you can get!

This blog will discuss how a lawyer can handle your hit and run case better.

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What Is a Hit and Run Case?

When you hit a car, a pedestrian, or an object while driving, you are legally and ethically required to take the following actions:

  • Provide your information to the other party involved in the accident, like name, insurance details, and contact number.
  • Call for medical help
  • Report the incident to the police.

When the person responsible for the accident leaves the scene without following the above measures, the accident can be categorized as a hit and run case. Hit and run offences can be treated as misdemeanor or felony, depending upon the level of damage caused. They can cause injury, death, or damage to property.

Here are two classic examples of hit and run cases:

  • A car speeding through the red light strikes a pedestrian
  • A person hits a parked car and drives off without leaving any information.

Why Do People Hit and Run?

Flight is a natural response of humans when they fear adverse outcomes. People responsible for car accidents may decide to leave the scene for various reasons.

  • They might not have insurance.
  • They might be involved in something illegal.
  • They might not be the owner of the vehicle.

Why Should You Get a Lawyer for a Hit and Run Case?

Legal matters are not everyone’s cup of tea. You already go through immense physical and mental trauma after a car accident; why deal with legal proceedings too? Check out the list of reasons why you should hire a lawyer for a hit and run case.

1)      To Learn About Your Rights

It’s totally unfair that you pay for someone else’s mistake. Therefore, you deserve compensation for all your loss resulting from the accident. The compensation mainly accounts for your medical bills and car repairs. You just have to prove that the accident was not your fault.

Ideally, the at-fault party should compensate you through their insurance. But if they run away, you should still get compensated through your insurance or by filing a personal injury claim. But what amount do you deserve? You might have an idea about the hit and run laws, but only a lawyer can explain your rights in detail.

2)      To File a Claim As Soon As Possible

You are eligible to receive compensation only if you file your claim within the statute of limitations for trial. Is it possible for you to do that with so much going on after the car accident?

Firstly, you might need time to recover from the mental shock. Secondly, you might need time to deal with your physical injuries. Thirdly, you also have to handle the necessary paperwork regarding the accident. When you have so much on your hands, it might not be possible for you to claim compensation on time.

Lawyers can file a claim on your behalf immediately after the accident. They are aware of how insurance companies work. Hiring a lawyer means you don’t have to worry about collecting evidence, negotiating with the insurance company, or anything else. Instead, you can focus entirely on your recovery.  

3)      To Carry Out a Detailed Investigation of Your Case

The aftermath of a car accident can be very confusing. You have to collect all the facts and evidence to prove the cause of the accident. Moreover, you need to examine how much damage the accident has incurred to your body and property. Also, we are not just talking about the physical damage here. You have to consider the level of mental trauma too.

Stressed out after the accident, you are likely to miss out on the important details that could be used as evidence for your claim. Plus, you might not be able to put up a justified value to your damages without the help of a lawyer, especially the mental trauma.

4)      To Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Negotiating with insurance companies is not easy. Their contracts are quite technical, and they don’t pay for your injuries easily. In fact, insurers try their best to cancel or minimize your payout. Dealing with them requires the professional skills of a lawyer.

Pompano Beach Car Accident Lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance firms using their legal experience and expertise. They can walk you through the details of an insurance claim and do everything in their power to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

5)      To Get You the Deserved Compensation

Some people don’t hire lawyers for a hit and run case because they don’t want to share their payout. They don’t realize that the experience and negotiation skills of a lawyer ensure a much higher amount of compensation for them. Paying a little more out of a decent amount of compensation is much better than getting a less-than-deserved amount. Frankl & Kominsky Injury Lawyers have successfully dealt with personal injury cases for a long time now. They identify all the hidden damages and use their skills to get you the maximum net payout.

Final Words

It’s not easy to deal with all the legalities after a hit and run accident. You definitely need the help of expert lawyers to handle your personal injury claim. Lawyers can file a claim on your behalf right after the accident, investigate your case better, conduct effective negotiations with the insurers, and get you the deserved compensation.