Significance Of Vastu Purush

Vastu Purush
Significance Of Vastu Purush

The classics in Indian culture suggest that Vastu Purush is present in all the plots, regardless of whether they are big or small. But who is he? And why is he so important? You can search “vastu consultant near me” and connect with a Vastu expert to know more about him or read this article to quench your curiosity on this topic! So, let’s get started:

Matsya Purana is among the eighteen main Puranas or Mahapuranas. It is also one of the best-preserved testaments of time, and Sanskrit literature that is extremely important to all astrologers. In this, there is an interesting story about the birth of Vastu Purush. Reading this story will help you to understand the reason behind worshiping him. This story will also enlighten you about the importance of paying homage to Vastu Purush before beginning the construction of any house or building.

So, let us take you through the story that makes Vastu Purush so important according to any Vastu expert:

The Story Of Vastu Purush:

When Lord Shiva was fighting the demons, the sweat from his tired body began to fall to the ground. There was so much life-giving power even in his sweat that a man was born out of them. This man had a cruel face, and he was born hungry. In order to appease Lord Shiva, this man decided to observe penance or “tapasya.” He thought that Lord Shiva would be pleased with him and offer him a boon.

Much to his joy, Lord Shiva was satisfied with his actions and appeared before him to bless him. The man prayed to the “Destroyer,” saying, “Dear God, please give me a boon to satiate my hunger. Please give me permission to eat all the three worlds.” Blessing him, Shiva fulfilled his wish because he was bound by the promise to grant wishes to those who pray to him wholeheartedly.

The man was beyond overjoyed, and his joy knew no bounds when he got the possession of all the three worlds. So, he prepared to eat the terrestrial world first. But this terrified the celestial beings as well as the demons. So, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, along with the other Devtas and Rakshasas, encircled him to stop him. The man, unable to do anything, decided to lay on the ground.

Since then, it is believed that the man has been lying there encircled and bound by the deities. This man came to be known as Vastu Purush or the God of Vastu. According to a Vastu consultant online, he has a fixed and peculiar build. His head is said to hang down while his body is spread in length as well as in breadth on the ground.

Significance Of Vastu Purush:

As per the scriptures, the Vastu Purush has a lot of importance. When he was given the boon, he was told that:

  • He will be given the name of “Vastu Purush.” 
  • He will be allowed to tease people who wish to construct a house or building to his heart’s content.
  • He can tease people who want to dig wells or construct tanks in the direction where he puts his feet.
  • He can even trouble or devour these people who want to construct the above-mentioned buildings or temples.
  • People who want to construct a building in the direction of his head or back will have to worship him and satisfy him with ‘Homa.’

All of this satisfied the “God of Vastu,” and since that day, the worship of Vastu Purush has become extremely prominent before laying the foundation stone for the construction of any building. In fact, it is almost compulsory to conduct a puja before the construction of any building begins in order to appease the Vastu Purush. All Vastu tips for home mention the importance of the God of construction and building, and so we must never forget to pray to him before beginning construction.

Other Myths Related To The Vastu Purush:

Vastu Purush is a God who is often referred to in the Puranas. As a result, there are many myths associated with him. Let’s take you through some of them:

  • A long time ago, an unknown entity came into existence. 
  • He was so big that he obstructed both the Earth and the sky with his giant body.
  • The Devtas caught him and threw his body face down.
  • Whichever part of his body was held by whichever Devta, that Devta became the primary deity of that part of the body.
  • As a result, we pray to different deities when we have an ailment in certain parts of our body.
  • This is why every part and direction has significance in Vastu.


You can consult a Vastu expert to learn more about the different Gods and how to appease them. This will help you because a place that is built keeping the Vastu principles in mind will offer you not only physical comfort and success but also spiritual awakening.

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