Simple Tips To Protect Your Facebook Account From Unauthorized Access

protect facebook account

I know you are using Facebook and you are fond of it. You might be using it on your laptop as well while every person is using a Facebook account on his or her mobile for sure. Since it is a platform where you interact with your friends and family members, so it is very important to protect your Facebook account and make sure that no unauthorized person can access your Facebook account.

If you know how to hack Facebook ID, then it will be easy for you to protect your Facebook account from hackers. Normally it is not possible to hack a Facebook account because it is a very secure platform. But any unauthorized person can access your Facebook account if you don’t care about a few things.

Tips To Protect Your Facebook Account

So, in this article, I will tell you very simple and basics things that can be helpful in protecting your Facebook account from any unethical and unauthorized access. Securing your Facebook ID becomes more important if you are verified on Facebook.

1. Choose Strong Password

The first step in securing your Facebook account is choosing the right password. Many users choose any random password like they use their date of birth, their phone number, name of their kids or spouse, vehicle registration number, and other things like this which are very easy to guess for anyone who wanted to access your account.

So, you should be very careful while choosing your password. Don’t chose such passwords which are easy to guess.

With that, also make sure to use a complicated password that includes lower case and upper case letters, numbers and special characters as well. This type of password will be very hard to guess by anyone. But make sure to remember that password yourself.

2. Don’t Login to Unknown Devices

Another reason for hacking or unauthorized access to the Facebook account is using it on unknown devices. Many users use the Facebook account on public computers, like a computer in their office or a computer in any internet cafe.

These computers can also be used by other persons and if you forget your account logged in, or if by mistake you saved your password on that computer, anyone will be able to get your password and will be able to access your Facebook account.

3. Keep an Eye on Authorized Apps

Different apps and websites allows you to register on their account by using your Facebook details. In such cases, their might be some low quality apps or sites which might ask for your password while registering on their account or you can use the same password on that app or website as of your Facebook account.

So in such cases, those apps or websites can check to try that password to access your Facebook account. So, it is very important to keep an eye on your authorized apps. You should try your best to register by using an email address instead of Facebook ID, and if you register with Facebook ID, make sure to keep the password different. Keep checking the activity of your Facebook if you feel that there are some posts made from your account which you don’t post then try to find which app posted on your behalf and remove its access.

4. Add Extra Layer of Security

Facebook encourages to add extra layers of security by adding your phone number. You must use your own phone number to enable two factor authentication. If you do so, whenever you logged in from a new device, Facebook will send you an OTP (one time password) on your phone that you need to enter to logged in.

When you use this two-factor authentication, no one will be able to use your Facebook account even if that person knows your password. But make sure that you know your phone number and no other person can add the message forwarding of your mobile phone.

If you are using your Zong sim as two-factor authentication and you forget your SIM number. Then no need to worry, you can learn how to check Zong sim number easily.

5. Be Aware of Phishing Sites

If you know how to hack Facebook account ID, then you must know that phishing is the easiest way to hack your Facebook account. In this method the hacker provides you a link of a site that looks exactly like Facebook and it has almost same URL with slight difference which is difficult to understand.

So, you should never enter your login details when someone sends you a Facebook URL. Always type the URL yourself in the browser and then enter your user name and password.

Final Words

If you follow these simple tips, your Facebook account will be secure from any unauthorized access. No hacker will be able to hack your Facebook account. And if you follow the step 4, then even if someone knows your password, will not be able to login your Facebook ID on his or her device.


  1. Very nice article and good tips for Facebook account protection. Can you please tell if I have two-factor authentication activated on my account then how message forwarding is possible of my mobile?



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