skin care in twenties

Skin care in the twenties and skin aging

Sleepless nights, going to bed with makeup, fast food, and too little fluid intake are very common scenarios in the twenties after which the skin and body recover quickly. But these negative habits greatly affect the premature aging of the skin that we all want to slow down!

Although in our twenties we enjoy youthful and beautiful skin without thinking about future irregularities and anti-age care, it is in this period that a solution is found to prevent the unwanted signs of aging.

How to properly care for your skin in this decade, what are the first signs of skin aging and how to maintain a taut and radiant youthful appearance for as long as possible – find out below.

Factors affecting the first signs of skin aging

There are a number of internal and external factors that play a significant role in the speed of the skin aging process. Genetics is one of the internal causes of aging that cannot be avoided or changed. For example, lighter skin is more prone to wrinkles at an earlier age, while darker skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation.

Also, our biological age determines certain changes in the skin and the work of cellular functions that slow down with age. From the age of 25, there is a decrease in collagen levels, one of the main factors responsible for the youthful, healthy, and firm appearance of the skin. It has been scientifically proven that this natural protein is crucial for the firmness and elasticity of the skin and the prevention of wrinkles and lines on the face.

But age is not the only reason for collagen reduction, external factors such as smoking, insomnia, oxidative stress, and an unbalanced diet also play a big role. Fortunately, we can influence external factors, reduce them, and already at a young age create a good foundation for maintaining a taut and youthful appearance.

Proper skin care in your twenties

Choosing a healthy lifestyle and proper facial care in your twenties will help you prevent premature aging of your facial skin. The overall health condition is reflected in the appearance of the skin and for this reason, it is necessary to exercise regularly, eat properly, establish a good sleep routine, use probiotics for skin care and avoid smoking.

A balanced diet rich in antioxidants, water, and healthy fats is the best ally in the fight against premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and many other skin problems. We have selected a few foods that you should definitely include in your diet if you want a healthy, clean, and radiant complexion.

Red pepper is rich in vitamin C, which helps create collagen – the main ally of beauty and youthful appearance of the skin. Also, red peppers are a powerful source of antioxidants that with their anti-inflammatory properties protect the skin from various environmental toxins.

Blueberries, one of our favorite summer treats! You can also buy these berries frozen out of season and enjoy their benefits all year round. Blueberries are a powerful antioxidant that successfully fights all harmful radicals from the environment and thus helps the skin to age as slowly as possible.

Be sure to include sweet potatoes in your diet as it is rich in beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A in our body. This vitamin will make your skin smooth and soft to the touch. If you are not a fan of sweet potatoes, another option should be carrots.

Instead of unhealthy snacks, reach for nuts. Almonds and sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates immunity.

Anti-age in twenties

In order to maintain a taut youthful appearance for as long as possible, it is necessary to start with anti-age care at the moment when you are most satisfied with her appearance. The key to beautiful and well-groomed skin in your twenties is proper hydration, sun protection, anti-pollution skincare, and regular makeup removal or facial cleansing.