Smart Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Smart Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Home sweet home, one place where you should feel the safest. But do you really feel 100% safe in your home? There are some things every household should think about when it comes to the safety of their home. You always need Power Pest Control, to keep your house safe from pest.

Yes, our homes are generally places where we feel the safest, but usually, they are also places where accidents happen. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can make sure that your home is truly safe.

Check this list of smart ways to make your home safer!

1.  Have the necessary safety gear

Every home should have necessary easy-to-access safety or emergency gear. This gear includes the first aid kit and everything that goes with it, then you should have a list of emergency numbers – police, fire-fighters, and emergency medical centers and doctors.

Medicine for emergencies such as insulin shots, epinephrine, aloe vera gels, anti-diarrhea meds, inhalers and auto-injectors, and so on. You should regularly check on both the medication and the first aid kit, to either replace things that have expired or to refill what has been used.

2.  How to prevent fires

How many times have you read about a house catching on fire? There are at least 20 hidden fire hazard things in your home, from faulty wiring to cooking equipment and heating.

To prevent any potential fire or smoke dangers and damages to your home, you should install fire alarms. However, just installing fire alarms is not enough. Smoke detectors and fire alarms should be regularly maintained and checked.

Apart from fire alarms and smoke detectors, you should have a fire extinguisher in your home. The said fire extinguisher should also be maintained and checked regularly.

3.  Remove all electrical risks

There is nothing quite as dangerous in your home as electricity. Especially, electricity and electrical wiring that isn’t properly maintained.

Old and faulty wiring and cords should be replaced, appliances and other electronic devices should be checked and replaced if there is something wrong with them. If you live in an older home, you should pay extra attention to old wires and outlets and replace them with newer ones.

If you have kids, cover all outlets with childproof outlet covers. When you’re replacing bulbs or changing lights and lamps always turn off the circuit breaker before working on exposed wiring.

4.  Prevent drowning, slipping, or tripping

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death and injury of small children. Having a pool can be a serious hazard when you have children. However, there are simple ways to avoid these kinds of tragic accidents and to protect your children.

First of all, supervising small children whenever they are around the pool or in the pool is a must. Second, having a pool fence is another must. Apart from pool fences that can prevent children from going close to the pool, anti-slip mats are a necessity.

Slipping can happen not only around the pool but also in the bathroom. Bathroom accidents happen far too often, so a good way to prevent them is by installing a quality anti slip mat. Trips and falls, especially shower or tub slips can cause broken bones and other serious injuries.

That’s why placing details like anti-slip mats on bathroom surfaces is the best solution and the safest way to protect yourself and your loved ones.

5.  How to avoid poisoning

Another thing to add to the list of home hazards that happen more often than not is poisoning. Many homes have and use chemicals and items that represent poison hazards. From medication to cleaning and washing chemicals, and everything in between can be considered a poison hazard. One of the leading causes of poisoning in children is medication.

To prevent any potential accidents, you should always store these chemicals or medications in safe places away from the reach of children. Medication should be stored in medicine cabinets that can be locked. In addition to that, when disposing of unused or expired medications, make sure you do it in the right way and not leave it within the hands reach.

The same could be applied to other chemicals that are used either for cleaning or washing. Keep them under lock and key and away from children and pets. Personal care products, such as makeup, soaps, and shower gels should also be placed in secured drawers or cabinets.

Keeping your home as well as your family safe and protected should be a priority. That’s why knowing what steps to take to ensure that your loved ones are safe is always a good idea.

Once you have all the things above-mentioned in order, you can rest assured that your home is completely safe and hazard-free.


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