Some important life lessons to give your child

Parenting is important to mirror your personality in your child’s behavior. Every parent dreams to nurture their child well and see them growing as a successful individual and lead a happy life. However, in today’s hyper-competitive world were failures. Rejections and conflicts have become commonplace in our everyday life, it’s not easy to survive.

As a student of Sharjah International School where I learned how parents can armor their child with their good and bad experiences that they had with life. This will make them capable to combat every problem and downfall with confidence, even without the personal support of their parents in their life journey.

If you’re a newbie in parenting then this blog is for you! We have compiled some of the important lessons that your child should know before they step in the real-world.

Honesty is the best policy 

You might have heard and experienced in your life that one bitter truth is better than a thousand sweet lies. A child’s brain takes cues from their parent’s behavior, therefore it’s vital to do the right talk and instill their mind to always follow the path of virtue and honesty. Don’t overreact if you realize that your child is hiding something. Instead be a friend and share the consequences of lying, never dominate.

Good manners 

Instilling good behavior in your child is not a one night show, there’s a process of everything in nature. Also, remember “Treat your child how you’d like to be treated”. Being an adult we know how to control and name those bad emotions, but it’s all-new for them! They don’t know how to express it. But, with the art of affection and patience you can imprint a positive behavior in their mind, and how you expect them to treat others around them with or without you.

Respect others 

The fundamentals of giving respect have segmented into various categories such as respect for authority, respect for others, respect for elders, respect for surroundings, etc. It’s crucial for becoming a good human, it generates a feeling of acceptance, self-worth, and empathy for other individuals.

Failures are the success in disguise 

“Your result does not decide if you’re a loser or not, but your efforts do-”

Sometimes it might be too hard to digest setbacks and failures in life. Inspire your child to be a good sport in the field of life and this is not the last day of your life! Outdoor games are perfect to give them a lesson on the sweetness of failure, where they will experience a taste of success and failure altogether.

Compassion and forgiveness 

Teach your child to help others every time if a situation arises, something like doing little chores at home such as helping mom to water plants, helping dad to polish his shoe, carrying a bag of groceries, etc. Encourage them to harbor a feeling to forgive others. This will bring peace of mind and solace, the two major ingredients to live a happy life.

Being a part of one of the best schools in Sharjah, I’ve understood the importance of parenting and guidance that are required for the mental and physical development of a child. I hope these pointers will help you to nurture your child well in the right direction.