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For a long time now, people have been hearing about bullfighting. It’s an indigenous sport in the south, and it originated from the villagers who harvest the produce from the fields. The traditional practice of bullfighting involves playing with cattle.

During this time, the villagers would gather the animals that they use to cultivate the fields and compete with each other. It’s considered a small sport in the region, but when the bullfighting festival was held more frequently, people started watching it.

Free access to this sport was initially granted. However, due to the number of people who were interested in watching it, the entrance fee was eventually charged. This sport is also visited by foreigners. It’s also known that some people think that the animals are encouraged to fight and that they must win. Opinions that are different from those expressed by gambling are known to occur.

People started betting on the outcome of the fights. The odds of a cow crashing into a bull were initially set at around a thousand. If the famous cows are involved, the bet will increase to millions.

To win, the bull must be strong and capable of competing with the other animals. Usually, the event takes place in the fields located in the provinces of Songkhla and Phatthalung. The main fields used for the cattle race are located at Sanam Wua Chon and Sanam Rattanaphan.

Usually, the bullfighting family brings the animals to compete on holidays. Since these days are free, the program of the event can be seen on various platforms.

In the past, buttock gambling was mainly restricted to the south. In order to gamble on the outcome of the fights, people would need to travel to the regions where the events are held. Free travel expenses are also available if people want to play with cows online. For instance, if they want to gamble on the results of the fights, they can use the website UFA888.INFO.

People can gamble on various types of sports through online gambling platforms. Football betting is one of the most popular types of games that people can play. They can also gamble on other sports such as boxing and cockfighting.

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Nowadays, people are more likely to gamble at the casinos instead of going to them due to the risks involved. However, if it’s a game of bull butt, then you can tell that going to the casino is a risky activity. Also, since most of the establishments that operate in the south of Thailand are located there, the journey to play is very expensive.

When you have paid for your travel expenses, you will also have to cover the accommodation and gambling debts. If you lose a bet, you can’t claim anything else as the locals are usually the ones who will gamble.

The risks associated with playing at a casino are greater than those associated with online gambling. For instance, playing bull butt on a website like is different from betting on a bull butt bet in a casino. The website does not require an agent to process the transactions, and the winnings will be given without a deduction.

If you are a registered user of UFABET, then you can enjoy the company’s various perks and services without having to pay for travel expenses. Besides being able to bet on various types of games, such as bull butt, the website also allows players to make financial transactions without having to set a minimum deposit. In addition, the company also provides a free credit for its members.


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