Styling Guide: How To Properly Style Throw Pillows At Home

Styling Guide: How To Properly Style Throw Pillows At Home

Styling your throw pillows at home has various ways on how you should style them. Either you can put them on your items of furniture or in your beds. You need to explore more fabrics to know how can you mix the color of your throw pillows with some patterns to make your style for you to display in your house. The flexibility in choosing the decorative throw pillow is one o the easiest way for you to change up your theme or look of your room in every season you want.

Maybe you have some fabric collections with different colors or patterns to be displayed in your throw pillow. Deciding on selecting and styling decorative pillows may be complicated but still in this way you can add up your style, so don’t be afraid of trying to mix up throw pillows and incorporate a little notion for you to spice up your style in terms of your throw pillow.

Pattern and Texture of the pillows

In terms of styling your throw pillows at your home to display them properly, it’s okay for you to have a mixed pattern when picking out your throw pillow to display. You can mix up your throw pillow textures for you to create your style to display and mixing up the textures it’s differently okay to have different types of fabric textures it doesn’t necessarily mean that to mix up patterns means you have to have the same fabric textures as well. Selecting and decorating throw pillows may seem confusing so you can look up for inspiration such as looking at some inspirational board for example for you to have an inspiration in the making and you can decide on what them you want to give.

In terms of mixing up the pattern and texture of your throw pillow, you need have to have a solid color that will be your base in the process. Having a solid color for your throw pillow grouping is a big role because with it you can easily know your base. After knowing your base solid color for your mixed pattern with your hint of the color you can now add up the accent pillows, accent pillows are there to make a statement with your style as well. But for you to have an easier way of decorating the pillows don’t need to have the same color every time each pillow can give a feature of a modern pattern with a more traditional pattern behind it.

Pillow size

In our houses, we have different kinds of pieces of furniture that have their style and different built some are small and big, so it is better to know the size that you want for your throw pillows, in terms of buying a throw pillow knowing the size of your throw pillow is a big consideration it is because it will define your choice of style. When you are choosing what kinds of pillows you want to display it is important to always keep in mind that the pillows accent the pieces and not the piece itself. Finding the right size for your throw pillow is really important because in this way you can consider making or buying pillow covers for your throw pillow and make your style with it.

Number of pillows needed

In decorating your throw pillows there are rules in it that most people are familiarized with it such as the rule of decorating item you should always go in odd numbers like three or five in terms of decorating it to your sofas. But if your sofa is much larger then you can style it with the other rule of decorating which goes with even numbers. But there is also an exception to the odd and even rule pillow of decorating which if you have a large selectional sofa you can just go in groups n decorating it. Work with odd groups if you want to have a modern look with your throw pillow.


With this styling guide, we have learned the ways to properly style our throw pillows in our houses such as considering the pillow pattern and textiles to use ad how we can mix it and use accent pillows. In this article too we learned how important size and the quantities of pillows that we need to use on how can they give an extra style in our houses.