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To start every business, ideas about the business are the mandatory requirement. Same is the case for YouTube video; either it is for fun or the start of online business. When you take a step to start your video, it is natural that you many think “About what my First Video Should be”

With my experience I recommend, start a YouTube channel with two separate videos

– The first video should be about your introduction

– The second video should be on the answers to those questions that people are frequently asking to solve their common problems about a specific niche.

Selection of Tool for YouTube Creation

There are many tools on the planet that can be used to create YouTube videos, but the recommend tool for Custom YouTube Thumbnail Size is a graphic design tool introduced by the gotodesigno. This is one of the professional and very user-friendly graphic design tool that resides a set of free templates that can help you to design custom YouTube Thumbnail.

Introduction to Videos Ideas

Take the start of the video with your introduction, but think why it is getting too much precedence? You can make a video for YouTube channel trailer to give information to the viewers who you are, what is aim to create a YouTube channel and what are their expectation from your channel.

Further, the quality of the video should be high so that video viewers subscribe to the channel to hear from you for ongoing stories from your side, and this must be.

Trailer Video for Non-Subscribers

When people who are not your subscribers, reach your video through organic searches, referral links or suggested videos, the scene in the video who are you? What is your intention for the creation of video must make them to click on the subscribe button.

We suggest you engage the audiences directly with the wording like ” Whats Up Mom” is one of the best ways to grab the attention of the audiences. But if you are too much hesitant to speak in front of the camera, don’t worry, we will guide you in a video session.

  • About Us Video

If you have created a YouTube channel with the intention to promote your online business, it is a good idea to take start with the About Us video. Like a channel trailer, this video will also serve as a guide to the viewers for your introduction so that they can interact with you for the business in the future, and they can directly go to track that goes to your channel. Go on the ways on which potential customers may get benefits from your product or service.

  • Share your Personal Story in Motivational Style

The way you speak to others matters a lot. Challenges that you have faced in the establishment of your business, the ways you have boost your income- are the verbal techniques to make a business bond with your videos and attract them to subscribe to your channel.

Video Ideas for Creation of Your Video for Organic Searches

Once you have developed a video having your introduction, and you have uploaded this video. Now it is time to work for the content of your business video channel. It is in the knowledge of every individual that is working online that YouTube is the second-largest channel for video searches; therefore, it is a good place for the video about the answer questions that are frequently searched by the people.

  • A Video with comprehensive Explanation

Give comprehensive tips to the viewers about the running trends of the industry, about which people often write queries in search engines by using various keywords. For instance, this video explains a plant that’s trending in the industry. What are the working trends that have an application in your industry?

  • Tutorials Videos

On YouTube, often people make searches to dig out a video that sole video should be a remedy for their problems. The best way is to work for the videos for comprehensive tutorials that reflect the professional influence on them, and they may forward to subscribe to your channel.

  • Answer to Frequently Asked Questions

For your business growth and online survival, it is mandatory to work within your niche and never deviates from your industry, as this pays a wrong impression on the audiences. Watch other videos and check on which type of answers questions other webmasters have work. Make a list of all questions and finally develop an “All in One Video.”

  • List of Answers

When you start work on the answer questions videos, you will see that for some answers, you have to prepare a comprehensive list that must be easily readable to all. This list should be in a beautiful format, helpful for sharing information on YouTube.

  • Recommended Video for Favorites

The recommended video is one that has a list of information on a specific topic, and when people find this video full of information, they mark it in their favorite list to save their time. Such videos are shared a lot of time. From favorite, you can quickly get it from wasting time on going to YouTube channel or making queries in YouTube searches for a specific video.

Ideas YouTube Videos for Scoring High Sales

There are ideas for scoring high sales with YouTube videos, and these ideas in video format can pay you a lot. The step by step ideas are listed below

  • Create a Product Video

Create videos that include a full description of your product. Make a presentation in a very comprehensive way so that potential customers can easily decide on purchasing the product. In your video, never forget to include the brand name, proper insertion of Meta Tags, Meta Titles, and Meta Description to help the people in the organic searches.

  • Portfolio Video

Portfolio video is the best option to show the artistic work of the artist in the form of the video to attract the potential customers.

  • Customers Testimonials

A video testimonial is the best way to present directly online reviews to the potential customers so that they can make their minds about the videos.


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