HexinFashion is among the to-ranked fashion stores selling high quality and trendiest fashion clothes this 2020. A good example of the most sold wears this year is the shapewear and waist trainer.

Skinny Black Plus Size Underbust Bodysuit Zipper Bodycon

Have a look at some of HexinFashion’s wholesale shapewear. Skinny black size underbust bodysuit zipper bodycon is first in our list. It weighs 0.42 kg and made of 85% nylon, 15% spandex, and 100% latex material. The bodysuit can be paired with either skirts, pants, or dresses. It has adjustable hooks for a perfect fit, and easier to wear because of its front zipper with hooks design. In the middle of the abdomen, it has a rubber to give control to the tummy. It has a push-up bra to give support, and crotch with an opening design making it convenient for ladies to ease themselves when on call.

Bodysuit Zipper Bodycon

There is also the Tummy training skin color adjustable strap bodysuit plus size.  It weighs 0.32 kg and made of 785 nylon and 22% spandex material. The shapewear will fit you appropriately without causing discomfort.

It fits you well because of the 3 hook and eye closure feature. The shapewear does not fall off or roll because of the glue on the opening of the leg and a rubber band on the waist’s both sides. Its waist has a 4cm rubber band for added comfort. There is the three layer of abdomen design that prevents the tummy from appearing. You will also not find going to the toilet challenging because of its crotch with an open design.


Have you ever tried the black lace trim high waist shapewear short posture correction? It is light weighing 0.29 kg and made of 70% nylon and 30% spandex material. I love this type of shapewear as it can be worn during summer, spring, or winter.

It has the following features: zipper crotch design making opening when visiting the toilet convenient. It helps accentuate your curves because of its butt lifting design, does not shrink or curl because of its glue dripping at the foot opening, has an elastic waistband for comfort, burn extra tummy calories because of its 3-layer fabric design, and it’s intact because of the additional 4 pieces of glue bone to the waist and lace.

At HexinFaashion, we also sell affordable and high quality wholesale waist trainers. There are a variety of waist trainers, we will therefore review a few of our waist trainers.

wholesale waist trainers

We have the medium control black 29 steel bones latex hooks waist trainer. The waist trainer is made of 965 cotton + 4% spandex and 100% latex material. It helps give you an hour glass body shape without straining. It has latex material that burns oil around your waist making you feel tight. It trims your curves with the help of the 29 steel bones, and adjustable because of the front 3 rows hook closure.

High Compression Black Hooks Latex Three-Belt Waist Trainer

Take a glimpse of this high compression black hooks latex three-belt waist trainer. It is made of either 100% latex or a combination of 96% cotton and 45 spandex material. It has 7 steel bones to help accentuate your curves, 3 rows of hook and eye closure for easy fitting, a three-waistband design to help trim your waist and abdomen, and finally, a latex-made-core for weight loss.



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