Taking care of our wellbeing and health has never been more important than in the current moment. Life as we know it is changing constantly because we’re fighting an invisible enemy called COVID 19. This pandemic is a wake-up call to all of us not only in 2020 but well beyond to invest time in self-care. 

Prioritise personal happiness

When you decide to put your personal happiness first, you actually emphasize activities that give you a sense of emotional, mental and spiritual calm. In other words, you decide to take proper care of your mental, emotional and physical health. Happiness is not found in being busy all the time and not having time for the things that move you. The beauty of self-care activities lies in devoting the time you wish to spend on personal happiness. Do whatever brings you joy, whenever you feel like it.

Make the most of your time

If you want to find the time for things that make you happy, you need to learn how to organise your time. The no.1 excuse of many is “I don’t have time for that, I’m always busy”. Busy is a state of mind when you constantly focus on only one thing and sacrifice time for other things. Every one of us has eight hours in their day to spend on activities that bring peace, joy and pleasure. 

But if you spend three hours of your free time on social media, you won’t have time for things that bring your joy. Make a list of activities you wish to pursue. Prioritise them in order of the most important ones to least important (at this very moment). Write down your schedule next to it and see when and where you can squeeze an activity that is important to you.

Make memories in real time

Personal connection, community and unity is another thing that is more important than anything else during these difficult times. People need someone to call or spend time over Zoom when they can’t spend time in person. But, you won’t build or nurture your relationships if you only socialize over social media. Press pause on liking your friend’s new post, and call them instead. You can also spend some time together while safely social distancing. Go for a walk or a bike ride and you’ll squeeze activity into your day and socialize as well.

Invest in your health

Working on your physical health, strength, and stamina is important to keep your immune system strong and healthy. The best way to do this is to exercise at least three to four times a week as self-care. The fact that the majority of fitness centers are closed, doesn’t mean you should skip your workouts. Just start exercising at home or outside. You’ll need some props like a durable squat rack, and dumbbells and you’ll be able to achieve the same results and keep yourself fit and healthy.

Work on your self-confidence

We’re not saying you’re not confident enough already. Some people are born charmers, while other people work hard to reach that state. Take each day with the same vigor and invest time into being your best self. Present yourself in a way you wish to be perceived. So, dress for the part and don’t forget to use every chance to be your best self. Don’t keep that dress for a super fancy special occasion if you feel like dressing up for the day. The same goes for those days you don’t feel like dressing up. Have an outfit ready for those rainy days that will cheer you up and give you back your self-confidence mojo.

Slow down

You’ve probably made a number of plans for 2020. You had at least one trip booked and paid, worked-hard for a promotion and received a pay cut because of the pandemic. And you’re definitely not the only one. SO, this entire situation might be a chance for all of us to learn to slow down and enjoy the present moment. You should still make plans and personal goals for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. But we should also prioritise things that matter the most like health and human connection and stop pressuring ourselves to the brink of a burnout. The FOMO has been replaced by JOMO in 2020, haven’t you heard?

After you complete all of these self-care ideas, you can wrap up your day with a spa session at home. Soaking up in a hot and bubbly bath will take away the worries and make you feel great. But, most importantly, find time for these activities immediately and practice them even beyond 2020.


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