The Latest Microsoft Business Apps First Look 2021

The Latest Microsoft Business Application’s First Look 2021

Microsoft issued and announced an assemblage of strategies for the first release wave of the entire year incorporating Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. All these elucidates the advanced and latest specifications that will be launched amid April and September 2021 for worldwide public availability or to initiate freely as a public preview first. In this article, as a fellow Microsoft aficionado, after integrating all such documents that include more than 400 pages, we have reviewed and summed up the central and highlighted publications that are huge modifications coming in the way over outcomes such as Power Platforms, and Dynamics 365 Sales, Service, and Marketing apps.

Also, it is reasonable and significant to note that the highlights elucidated related to Dynamics and Power Platforms are going to be waving out between April to September 2021. It is noticeable to observe that after observing the 2021 release layout top-level data, you will be able to notice that all the features have distinct data sets that include:

  • The Initial Public Preview: Businesses can prefer to test-drive such pre-release highlights.
  • Prompt Entrance: The highlights are readily available to choose from as a portion of prompt and premature availability on February 1, 2021.
  • Universal Accessibility: The highlight will be released within the month posted.

Dynamics 365 Features:

As we comprehend the Dynamics 365 features, we will hop in the three domains that include: Sales, Marketing and Services. And, of course, there are numerous different new highlights and updates! Even these new highlights also include some advanced sales updates that will surely make the most obstinate sales representatives ultimately utilize and accepted Dynamics 365. Also, there are more latest and insights for Supply Chain Management, Finance, Project Operations, and so on that you may review and adopt.


Sales release or publish originates with various highlights and enhancements to the Sales application as well, more prominently when it approaches digital engagement, pipeline management, selling, and mobility. Let’s in the initial stage, dive into and explore all the latest and new mobile updates.

The first and major update that addresses an influential and huge impact on mobile enhancements is the capacity to browse or scrutinize cards and data. Furthermore, the improved and modernized mobile interface enables automatic transcription for every specific request and online conference. Consequently, these new and upgraded productivity improvements with the latest release are sufficient and adequate to get and construct each sales rep eventually toss apart the pen and paper and encompass Dynamics 365 for Sales!

As we look ahead and take a glance over the features incorporated supporting the Digital Selling domain of the release, it comprises elements such as magnifying personal environments, advancing productivity-oriented KPIs, and a custom-built job queue. So, we can put forward and assert that these are excellent highlights and upgrades, but at the same time not much influential as mobile enhancements.

Highlights with the respect to the Pipeline Manager Workspace domain incorporates boosted and accelerated filtering and statistics slicers, interactive graphs, tables, tailor-made by reps and other highlights encompassing recording and analytics.

Ultimately, the Engagement Platform highlights and updates incorporate insights on tip of all sales call (that may also include video calls) – and more capacities or skills to combine telephony with advanced and out-of-the-box highlights. 


Here, it includes numerous highlights and updates that include some interesting ones too! Some of them, you must look ahead progressively to getting your hands on may include:

  • AI-Generated Divisions: It is a notable and exceptional approach to magnify and improve who is going to receive which messages.
  • Enhanced Diagnostics: After the release, it can be claimed that you will be able to monitor courses and KPIs in real-time!
  • Objectives: It will be easy to set a purpose or objective for a course and evaluate its growth.
  • Platform Updates: It will be easy to broadcast SMS to all mobile devices, liberate push notifications to Android as well as iOS applications.

All such above-mentioned reforms and enhancements remarkably improve a marketer’s outreach, interpretation, summary, and establishment of AI.


Here, you will be able to observe and notice numerous highlights or updates in this domain of the release notes. Also, some of the most influential and dynamic highlights and improvements include:

  • Clients can regenerate and renew problems even if they have been recorded as resolved or withdrawn. After that, there is no option to reopen to combine or modify data then shutting it repeatedly!
  • Multi-language assistance for AI-recommended information studies and related conditions: pre-release, this highlight was restricted to English only. Including widespread and universal availability in April 2021, there will be six distinct and increased languages to be sponsored that include: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.
  • Omni channel Prospect: It was published at Ignite in September 2020. This highlighted release is collected and arranged with the advanced and new highlights encompassing it.
  • Routing MS CRM Developments and Changes: It is tremendous! Just merge AI standards and practices to empower incoming assistance calls from all platforms to the most-apt rep. Also, there is no uniform queue control and hand-operated diffusion. 

Power Platform Updates/Features: This release incorporates multiple domains. However, here we are going to throw some light over all these domains: Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate.

Power Automate:

Many latest and new updates you will be noticing in Dynamics 365 teams connections, managed by Power Automate. Another reason for these highlights is their converge or a focal point on constructing it more straightforward and obvious for developers and clients to collude and execute the resolutions on the Power Platform. The updates include:

  • Cloud flows
  • Desktop flows 

Power BI:

  • Power BI Premium: These highlights are targeting industry requirements and are frequently encompassing safety updates and improvements, Azure Data Lake Storage, further reporting and administration capacities.
  • Power BI Pro: Here, you will observe accessibility highlights that include agile, create, distributing inks, intelligent anecdotes and framework authentication for dataflow.
  • Power BI Embedded: The underlying framework of Power BI Embedded has been magnified, improved with frequent and usual accessibility in April.

Power Apps:

Power Applications some of the updates you will notice includes:

  • Finally, will be able to configure in-app notifications in model-oriented applications with an essential item a client necessitates to approach.

Debugging capacities including Canvas Application Monitor: System executives and clients can spot or locate and troubleshoot applications more promptly and profoundly.


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