There is a very famous saying that ‘Beauty rests in the beholder’s eyes,’ and when you talk about gardens, you will not find anyone who will refrain from having beheld their charm. Blossoms, trees, and gardens are ingredients that give the entire world a more pretty and picturesque look, and you will never fail to observe the substantial quantity of beguiling blossoms that mother nature bears. Here we present some of India’s most beautiful flower gardens with attractive tulips that you can order through online flower delivery in Mumbai.

  1. Lal Bagh, Bangalore – The Lal Bagh stationed in Bangalore, is a flower garden and a floriculture garden widely scattered over 40 acres. This garden is amongst the most distinct ones in the South Asian region and was constructed by Tipu Sultans’ father, Hyder Ali. The absolute amount of plant species discovered in the garden is approximately 1854. Moreover, the garden owns a timer constructed of blooms and encompassed by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Another attraction is the magnificent horse-riding statue of Mysore’s Chamarajendra Wadiyar. There are a lot of edifices constructed from blossoms symbolizing the passion and reverence for blooms and art. You will be astonished to visit one of the most outstanding flower exhibitions in the country designed for botanists and nature enthusiasts each year. The display is regarding expressing the beauty and elegance of blooms.
  2. Rock Garden, Chandigarh – When someone talks about rock gardens, the initial thing people imagine is a place full of rocks. But this place possesses not only Rocks but also attractive blossoms. Nevertheless, there are a lot more things other than Rocks and blooms that will surprise you. The rock garden possesses approximately 2000 statues made up of bathroom sinks, glass bangles, and frames that will assuredly astound people who anticipate seeing just flowers and old rocks. It is also stated that the statues are also constructed from stones and junk that is no longer utilized, demonstrating the approach of rehashing waste. The exceptional waterfall, bridges, staircases, theatres, and the social markets are a treat to your eyes when you visit this fantastic place. This garden was constructed in the late 1950s by the then road inspector of Chandigarh, Mr. Nek Chand. Along with strange objects, the garden also owns some of the most extraordinary blooms like purple stars, seaside flora, Aubrieta, and Poached eggs that are generally tough to find but are held here safely.
  3. Mughal Gardens, Jammu & Kashmir – The moment somebody talks regarding Tulip gardens in India, the Mughal Garden established in Jammu and Kashmir is already considered. The segments of this magnificent garden include Shalimar Bagh, Chashma Shahi, and Nishat Bagh. They hold excellently trimmed yards, and the edifices tell us about the well-known Mughal era. Astonishing fountains magnify this place’s excellence, describing and evoking the prosperous kingdoms that belonged to our nation. Tulips, Nemesia, Carnations, Marigold, Dahlias, are some of the perennials that give these gardens their fame. You can also order these beautiful blooms online with free flower delivery in Delhi. The charm of these beautiful blossoms will astound you the moment you step into this place. Admittedly, people assert that this place is built to please the poetry of the Mughals and illustrate their affluence. This gorgeous garden can be visited any day with a spacious landscape and enticing adornments, except Fridays.
  4. Lodhi Garden, Delhi – This place is one of India’s most beautiful places, and you will undoubtedly savor every portion of this magnificent garden. It includes a massive facade of nearly 90 acres. This garden displays the actions of the fifteenth century Lodhi and Sayyid families, which governed the country. If there exists an interpretation for the representation of power, then it is this garden. You will see a tomb surrounded by blossoms and vegetation and is a hub for people who savor vegetation and architecture. There is substantial architectural craft embedded in Shish Gumbad, Sikandar Lodhi, and Bara Gumbad. This place was previously recognized as Willingdon Park, but it was named Lodhi Garden after India’s liberation. Along with Lotus Temple, India Gate, Red Fort, and several other ancient nation structures.

These were a few of the most magnificent gardens in India. These are lovely places that provide you with an unforgettable experience, such is the magic and charm of blossoms. So, send flowers to Mumbai to your beloved family and friends and increase elegance and charisma.


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