The Responsibilities of a Funeral Director and More

Funeral Directors

There are several professions in this world which one can take up. However, there are only a handful of noble professions in this world. One of them is being a funeral director. A funeral service is one which requires many tasks which include the funeral of the body and the rites before that as well. It is the work of the funeral director to organize, conduct and coordinate the entire funeral ceremony in a most hassle-free manner.

What Does the Funeral Director Do?

Funerals are important events as they involve the last rites of a person – a beloved one too many people. The death of a person can be hard-hitting, and thus, there needs to be a person who takes charge of the entire event. The funeral directors should be responsible for connecting the essence of the ceremony with the last rites of the departed and the emotions of the family. Right from the casket to hearse hire to flower arrangement, the director needs to do a lot as per the requirement of any funeral service.

A funeral director is a person who takes care of all the last rites of a person during his funeral. In case there are clergymen present on the ground, it is also the responsibility of the funeral director to direct the funeral as well as to conduct it. However, in this article, we will take a look at the responsibilities of a funeral director in detail.;

What Are the Funeral Directors Responsible For?

The funeral directors have an integral role to play at a funeral. Some of their responsibilities have been highlighted below.

  • Make sure of good transportation for the deceased which includes bookings of hearses
  • Cosseting or applying cosmetic substances on the body.
  • Completing all the legal paperwork and documents
  • Consult with the family of the deceased to ensure all arrangements are made
  • Embalming of the dead body in the casket, and preserving it
  • The direction of the funeral
  • Training the staff involved in the funeral and dressing up for the ceremony
  • Cremation and last rites
  • Burial of the body
  • Conducting all the tasks for the day
  • Make plans after discussing the funerals with people who wish to attend the service in advance

Where Do Funeral Directors Work

A funeral director may either choose to work at a crematory or funeral homes. Whatever may be the case, the environment in which they use to earn a living can get extremely stressful and challenging to have a bright outlook towards life. It is not a challenging career path, but the working conditions can get dull and heavy

The Causes for The Stressful Environment Are Two

  • Since the death of a person occurs suddenly, the call for action is also within a brief period. Funeral directors may be left with as low as only a day to plan the entire event so that it may take place calmly.
  • They have to handle the dead bodies or corpses of the deceased. Even though the risk to health is minimum, handling corpses day after day can get dreary.
  • Funeral directors really work with their best possible means to procure the government certificates after the death of a person. So the family can also work for the official documents with the funeral director.

There is no time for their work as they have to work day in and day out depending on the time they have for the funeral. Furthermore, funeral directors may often receive a call on weekends as well. Thus, there is no proper work routine fixed for them.


Funeral directors all over the world take a huge responsibility to make sure that the family of the deceased gets to bid farewell to their dear ones in a calm, peaceful environment.


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