TheOneSpy best WhatsApp spy app review 2020

TheOneSpy best WhatsApp spy app review 2020

We are surrounded by technology all the time, everyone has a phone in hand, and each one of us uses the internet and all the social media apps for communication. There is no age limit for the people who are using cellphones. Even the kids these days are using mobiles and the internet. But that is not a good aspect. When children start using cell phones and the internet, there is a higher chance that they will involve themselves in things that are not even appropriate for the children. Most of the parents are working and do not have time to keep track of the children while they are using the internet and mobile phones.

Moreover, you can also not keep track even if you are free and do not do any job because children will retaliate. This retaliation situation will pull you towards a difficult situation. And you do not want that. What do you think is the solution to keep track of the children while they are using the internet and social media and chatting with their friends all day Using WhatsApp? The WhatsApp Spy App can be the solution for such kind of situations that can help the parents to know about the activities of their children.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp Spy App

Do you know if there is an app that can accurately help you to spy or track the activities of your children and help you track the WhatsApp of your children as well? Yes, TheOneSpy app is the perfect option for the parents who are worried and bothered by the activities of their children and want to know what their kid the up to. The TOS is the app that will help you a lot with the tracking and monitoring the activities of your kids on the WhatsApp. Not only that, but this App will also help you in figuring out the other activities on the separate app on the mobile phone.

What is TheOneSpy App?

TheOneSpy app is a mobile phone tracker and monitoring app that has been developed precisely for the parents and the employers who want to track the activities of their kids and employees. Moreover, there are a lot of Perks of this app that will help you to follow not only WhatsApp but also Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter as well. This Perfect app has been a great addition for parents who are bothered and do not have time to keep a check on their kids all the time. You can buy a monthly, quarterly, annual plan based on the version that you require. There are two different versions of TheOneSpy app; one is the lite version as the other is a premium version.

What does TheOneSpy App have to offer?

Here is what TheOneSpy app has to offer. You can take a look at the features below that one spy app has to offer to the parents and the employers or any other users of the App.

Browsing history

You can check the browsing history of the phone and for the website that has been used or visited by your children on their phone. It is a great way to know what your kids are doing and what activities they are interested in. You can also check the website that has been blocked or visited using the proxy.

Read WhatsApp messages

You can also read the WhatsApp chats and the messages that have been received or sent through the phone. Moreover, you can also see the contact list on the WhatsApp and the phone as well. The contacts that have been blocked are also visible with this app. So, in short, you can access the phone entirely and access the WhatsApp as well. You can read the chat and see what the conversation is going on about.

Record the screen

You also have the liberty of recording the live screen and activities that are going on in the phone. This gives you The Upper Hand on the user of the targeted device. You can keep the recording of the screen and use it later based on your requirements. You can also locate the phone using the App, even if it is offline.


This WhatsApp spy app is a sigh of relief for most parents who are worried about the activities of the children and want their children to be on the right track and save them from trouble. You can also have this app by just subscribing to a plan to use the features of this app.