Things one must know about crop tops


What is a crop top?

A crop top is an upper-body garment that shows some inches of midriff or stomach. Sometimes the arms and neck section of a crop top is also experimented with, giving rise to different modifications and styles to crop tops.


Crop tops over time have evolved into a must-have item in every girl’s wardrobe. It has 70+ designs and you can never get tired of wearing a crop top. It is hard to pick a handful of style out of the plethora of styles available, but here are some worthy mentions that any women must have once: ruffle sleeves crop top, knit crop top, mock neck crop top, crew neck crop tops, twist front crop top, lace crop top and layered crop top. These crop tops are some of the crop tops trending this period. What catches the eyes other than these styles is crop top t-shirts. These can be worn by anyone who is new to crop tops and is still a little shy of showing some inches of the skin of the stomach.


Crop top came into existence due to the rationing of clothes. During world war II, everything was being rationed so that bulk of the basic things could go to Armed Forces fighting at numerous places. Be it matchsticks, silk, shoes, coal, firewood, and anything you could consider basic in that era, it was rationed. Clothes were in this category too. Clothes were shortened too because those living in the country were getting a meager share of everything.

Due to the sexual revolution of the late 1960s and 70s, it started gaining widespread acceptance among the masses when celebrities of that time such as Jane Birkin and Barbara Eden sported it in their public lifestyle. And in the 21st century, when fashion from the ’90s is making a comeback, crop t shirt for girls has gained popularity again as Indian fashion designers to have felt its potential in Indian markets.

Resemblances from our past

We all know how popular sarees are. They are indigenous and an integral part of Indian culture. Today it has emerged as a must-have garment for all ethnic functions. Lehengas too have been part of the ethnic category which all women love to wear in functions. Both of these traditional garments have one thing in common. In both of these, we show off our stomach and that’s fairly normal unlike in western countries where women wearing crop tops were fined for showing the midriff when crop top emerged as a garment. The upper body garment or ‘blouse’ is no different than the concept of crop top in the west.

Myths debunked

People often shy away from wearing crop tops thinking that they are only suited for tall and slim people. This is nothing but a stereotype fixed in our minds by advertising agencies. Any model for any garment advertised would always be slim. Nobody is perfect and it is normal to be perfectly imperfect. But if you still feel a little conservative and shy, choose crop top t-shirts and pair them with high waist cargo pants, high waist denim pants, or long skirts and you will still feel covered and sexy as well. Don’t shy away and have some crop top for yourself.


This article mentioned a crop top, its resemblance from our culture, history, myths related to it and trends in this garment.


This article concluded that crop tops are for everyone and one can stay in the fashion game with pairing all bottom wear with crop tops.


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