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7 Things People In Recovery Wish You Knew

Though addiction is a disorder and an illness which when not properly taken care of may result in the death of such an addicted individual. But the way the media and society portray and see addicts is quite unreasonable and unintelligible.

Everyone is prone to be addicted to one substance or the other, so it is in our very own benefits to treat addicts carefully.  See here for the best luxury addiction centers for a drug-addicted friend.

7 Things People In Recovery Wish You Know

Recovery from any form of addiction induces stress and sometimes pains on such addicted fellow. How will react to their situation will determine the success or otherwise of their recovery programs. Ensure you do not stigmatize them as this may encourage further relapse.

Below are the 7 things you need to know about recovery and addiction

1. Anybody Can Be An Addict

Addicts always wish people know this, that everybody is susceptible to dependency on substance usage. There are some drugs (such as meth, heroin, cocaine)  which only require one-time usage for anyone to become hooked on the same.

When we are considerate of the fact that anybody can become an addict from a first-time usage, it kind of teaches us to be compassionate to addicted fellows. And also ensure we have more understanding of their situation.

2. Addiction is a Disorder

Addicts shouldn’t be seen as morally corrupt individuals who lack control over their substance usage. Addiction is a disease scientifically proven to affects how the brain works.

When you view addiction in this way, you seek prompt medical treatments whenever you notice any symptoms of addiction in your loved ones. You are also likely to offer them supports during their treatment and recovery process.

 3.  Understanding Reasons As To Why

There are varying reasons as to why people become addicted. When you understand the reasons why they become addicted to substance usage, it put you in a better position to help them. 

The same way there are various reasons is the same way addiction has varying effects in individuals. To some, it might be a coping mechanism against stress and family issues while it may be as a result of genetics hereditary in some.

So generalizing will do no one good, not the addicted fellows and surely not you. As you will be prejudiced to know the actual state of things and help that should be proffer.

 4. Addiction Is A Non-terminal Disease

One thing people recovering from addiction need others to understand is that addiction can be treatable. You need to understand that addiction when properly taken care of, can be overcome.

Yes, it is difficult to overcome addiction but the difficulty encounter doesn’t make it a critical condition or situation.

Relapse may occur constantly but with proper medical attention (detox, and therapy), addicts can live a normal life afterward free from drug usage.

Knowing this will ensure you don’t stigmatize them or push them away which will leads to frustration or further indulgence in such substance.

 5.  Encourage Them To Seek For Treatment

Recovering from addiction can be daunting which may make such an individual want to skip putting up with their recovery process. Encourage them in all way you can to seek treatment and help them in sourcing for proper and applicable treatment for their addiction. This could only be done if you understand their plight.

6. Show Love and Support

Recovering from addiction as said earlier is tiring, addicts need all the support and love they can get. Providing them loves and support will encourage them to carry on with their recovery treatment irrespective of the difficulties encountered.

 7.  You Are Not The Only One Disappointed

Addicts in most cases are also disappointed about what they have become. They know the strain they are putting on your relationship with them, the likely possibility of health issues, and many other attendants effects. But you insinuating all the times about their predicament is precarious to their treatment and may induce further relapse. So, give it time, let them fight their addiction and recovery process alone but alongside with your love, care, and support.