Three Exciting Milestones to Achieve in Your 30s

Do you remember when you were in your teens, and you had just gotten your first job – it might have been a part-time job, but how thrilled must you have been to be earning that extra money on the side.

Also, remember the times when you got to choose your first car, which could have been one of the New Chevrolet Vehicles.

One after another, hitting all these milestones is an essential part of growing up and becoming an adult. However, have you ever wondered what your potential milestones should be – once you hit your 30s?

When it comes to some crucial milestones that you should strive to achieve in your 30s, you should consider real financial milestones – the big stuff – as a strong contrast to the lame small stuff you have been focusing on in your 20s.

But before we plunge into the list, let us talk about why you need goals in your 30s. The quick and real answer to this is that you need it because life becomes a savage once you turn 30. From the financial viewpoint, once you hit your 30s, it is time to do some real-life adulting.

Here are three exciting goals that you should have in your 30s.

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Save for Anything

Also known as the “Peace Out” fund, your goal should be to set aside money that isn’t necessarily marked for anything in particular. You will simply find it liberating to know that you have extra cash at hand. It is also eye-opening as with more money in the backup, you will start to see potential possibilities, such as engaging in a different and more enjoyable job.

Own a House

Once you hit thirty, it is time to settle. Now, if you don’t want to settle yet, you might want to own a home, and owning a home is a must-have goal in your 30s. Understandably, homeownership is a crucial part of the big American dream. If you are not an American, there is still a great chance that you might dream about and wish to own your very own house one day.

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  • While the entire debate of rent vs. buying a house is completely subjective, one crucial benefit of buying a home is that it generates forced savings. If you did not know, a mortgage payment actually increases your net worth, which is very unlikely to rent a house.

    Besides, by owning a house, you won’t have to worry about the unpredictability of rising rents each year. Once you own a house, you can make upgrades around the house as per your heart’s desires and eventually boost the value of your house. By doing so, you will generate profit later when you decide to sell the house.

    Implement Your Wedding Dreams

    Your 30s are an excellent time to finally have your wedding dreams put into reality. The more you think about it, the stronger you realize that you only get married once (ideally), which is why you wouldn’t want to look back and regret not having your dream wedding or your dream honeymoon.

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