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Tips on how to choose comfortable shoes

If there is one thing that can make many people uncomfortable, it is wearing uncomfortable shoes. Therefore, this article with some tips to help you choose comfortable shoes and not to have regrets after your purchase.

After all, trying on a model in the store is not enough: with only a few minutes to evaluate it, it is difficult to know if it will bring discomfort in everyday life. During the week, our feet are exposed to a variety of situations – such as different terrains and moments of exertion – and only constant use will reveal shoe problems.

Read on with this article to see what factors you should look out for when buying the right shoe for your feet. Here you will also see what problems can arise from choosing unsuitable models. Check it out!


In this topic you will see a list of the main details to analyze when choosing your shoes. Check it out!

1. Buy the appropriate size 

Of course, the intention is always to look for the most suitable shoe possible. However, it is not uncommon to think that buying a bigger or smaller model doesn’t make that much difference. Make no mistake: choosing a size that is not compatible with your own can have consequences.

What happens is that there are great chances that such footwear will end up hurting your foot, and at that point you will have to deal with the waste of money. Even though there is a common idea that the smaller shoe may lacerate, this is not guaranteed. So always try to buy the right number for you.

2. Analyze your stride type 

It is very important to find out the anatomy of your foot and how you step. Feet that have some kind of deviation can be called pronates or supinates. When the weight support is more on the outer side, it is characterized as pronated. If the side is flatter, and the support is greater in this region, it is considered supinated.

To discover your type of step, you can look at the sole of your shoe and observe which side is more worn. This will be the region where the weight of your body has more support when you step – thus, it will indicate the type of deviation.

If there is no significant wear on any specific part of the sole of your shoe, this means that your step is neutral. With this information you will know how to choose sapatos masculinos that are comfortable and compatible with your feet.

3. Think about the purpose of the shoe 

It is very different to choose one shoe for work and another for informal occasions or for everyday use – several factors must be observed. We can say, for example, that those who spend most of the day sitting down can go to work with higher heeled shoes.

However, if the opposite is true, look for a shoe that increases its contact surface with the floor, to have more balance, and that is lower – about 5 cm is ideal. If, in your workplace, there is a requirement to wear heels, the anabela and platform models are good options.

4. Value cushioning 

Cushioning is not exclusive to sneakers; any material that can improve the impact of the feet with the ground can be considered a cushioning. Thus, always look for sneakers that are padded in the front part – it is there that the feet exert more pressure and bear most of the body’s load.

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5. Prefer Flexibility 

Synthetic materials are usually stiffer and do not allow good mobility of the feet. They can even cause the undesirable calluses or form blisters. In this case, the most advisable is to prefer shoes made of natural leather, which are more malleable and yield a little, adapting to the shape of the feet.

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6. Observe the quality of te materials 

In this case, the quality will not only help the durability of the product, but will also make all the difference in relation to the comfort it will provide on your feet. Of course we always want to save as much as possible, but sometimes, cheap can be expensive. That is why we emphasize the importance of paying attention to the quality of the shoes you choose.

Look for original materials and pay attention to the sole, since it is essential that it has an extra finish, so it has more resistance when worn. In addition to shoes made of leather, nubuck shoes can be very cozy, since they allow the foot to perspire and usually last longer.

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7. Pay attention to the shoes’ beak 

Be very careful with shoes that have a very narrow front – especially if you need to spend a lot of time on your feet. This shape squeezes the toes and impairs tissue oxygenation.

This type of shoe can also cause problems in nerve transmission by putting pressure on the nerve endings. This often leads to tingling and paresthesia in the feet, and can cause pain for those with bunions.

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