Digital Marketing Freelancer

Tips to Hire Digital Marketing Freelancer for your Business

Want to find out how to find a professional SEO Consultant?.Yes, I know that finding a excellent SEO Company can be as difficult as choosing a wife. Don’t be in a rush to employ someone with low cost since that can be a high risk bet for your organisation. There are plenty of people in the SEO fraternity who follow unethical techniques. You will find amateurs in the SEO industry who really don’t understand what is correct and what is incorrect.

They are also not aware about trending search engines twitter updates. The shady SEO methodologies of 1990’s don’t work in 2020 But these companies still practice bulk link building which is considered spam by search engines. The shady search engine optimisation methodologies of 1990’s don’t work in 2020. If you hire someone with little experience then obviously they will do things which are not correct for your site and you will pay the price.

Google Panda and your Digital Marketing Freelancer

Penguin was one of the very first major SEO update launched by Google in Forth month on the year 2012. If the website had an unnatural backlink pattern, then it was affected by this update. EvenPrior to 2012, Google knew about these black hat methods. Manual penalty was made by Google prior to Penguin. These kind of unethical methods unfortunately used to work in the short term and hence the SEO companies used to make clients happy and make money. If you want to forget your business then you are welcome to use black hat methodologies for link building. Google penalty can be resolved but an vital thing is that your SEO freelancer should be aware of about this. Usually SEO firms hide penalty messages so they don’t lose the contract. Trust me, you may never determine what is wrong with your web-site. Surprisingly, even when you change your agency, it will not be simple for other people to figure out what the problem is and how to solve the penalty issue. This is because you will not have a full report from your SEO firm who has done a bad job of links on your web-site.

Top 3 things to expectfrom a reliable SEO Firm

1)Content and On-Page is the Key.

Approach not Techniques. SEO is certainly a very long marathon and not a short term game. If you are looking for short term quick results then probably you should go for Google PPC. Google Adwords will help you generate business leads in no-time by putting your advertisement on page one of Google. Google Pay per click includes a significant display network also.

On-Page is the Key

 SEO carried out the correct way is also known as white hat SEO. It works around the idea that one should stick to the webmasters regulations and focus on your websites improvements. On-page aspects of the website like content, meta title, meta description, H tags and web site performance play an vital role in white hat search engine optimization. We suggest that you speak to your SEO company and ask them to properly stick to these as part of their search engine optimisation project.

2)Smart Link Strategy

Building links is certainly the vital important component in SEO for challenging keywords. We need to forget about links creating practices of early 2020 and focus more around the public relation and marketing factor to generate web links for the site.

powerful link building

Is your SEO provider building back links the white hat way? It would be worth questioning. Reports for type of back-links, its domain authority, page authority and website traffic should be checked regularly. High quality of web links is even more crucial in Search engine optimisation than the amount of backlinks developed by your SEO organization. Finding a good link is just like exploration precious metal. It is tricky to locate web-sites who are ok to give a link-back.

3) Trust only SEO Reports

If you work with a competent SEO expert then they will always share weekly reports for all on-site and off-site job completed in the website. on-page SEO work adjustments reports are essential to be reported by the SEO Company so that you can review them should be recorded in a report by your SEO freelancer It would be very good to have records in Google docs about on-site adjustments. I prefer Google docs due to the real-time monitoring benefit.

SEO Reports

Reporting keeps you and your SEO freelancer on their toes. Google sheets are most effective for maintaining the back link records. Link reports are always useful. Be it at the time you change your SEO firm or believe a link to be harmful..

My Last Suggestion Most of the reputable SEO firm are very transparent in reporting. However, people fall prey to low cost SEO freelancer who provide dirt cheap costs and do false claims. You should give some thought to an SEO Company as your marketing partner and hence you need to make a very realistic choice.