Top 10 Tips to Reduce Weight Naturally

Tips to reduce weight

Reducing weight is more difficult than increasing your weight which is why so many turn to for a personalized approach to health and weight loss. People try whatever they can, to bring their weight back to normalcy. After all, who wants to remain obese? However, trying unnecessary medications, unguided dieting, and fasting for a longer period can cause more problems than any good to the body. Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss with herbal medications can help reduce weight and gain a healthy body.

The 10 tips for reducing weight discussed here will help you to control your weight and return to a healthy physique.

1. Eat a High Protein Breakfast – Breakfast is the brain’s food. You are breaking the fast of about 12 hours. Skipping breakfast or not following a specific breakfast timing will be the worst thing you can do to your body. It will result in the weakening of the body and invite diseases and health problems. It must be ensured that you are reducing the intake of carbohydrates, sugar, and starches.

Having a high protein breakfast will be the best thing to do for weight loss. The body will use more calories to burn fat than it is required for carb or fat. Further, you will not feel hungry for a longer time, as the body will take time to break the protein and digest it. Continuing high protein breakfast will aid you in maintaining the weight, without it increasing beyond the acceptable limit, for a longer period.

2. Avoid Sugary Drinks and Fruit Juice – Youth consumes sugary aerated drinks and packed fruit juices that have a high amount of preservatives, to quench their hunger. They believe that this will help them to control food intake and regain a healthy appearance. The drinks will destroy your body faster than ever. These things will fatten your body more than anything else will.

3. Weigh Your Weight Everyday – Checking your weight every day will provide you the efficacy of the steps you have taken. It will boost your confidence if the weight is reducing. Else, you will have to be strict regarding the weight loss controls you follow.

4. Consume Water Before Food – Drink water at least half an hour before every meal. This is beneficial in reducing food energy absorption. The studies done of people undergoing a weight loss diet indicate that weight loss is augmented by approximately 50% in 03-04 months.

5. Select Food Items That Aid Weight Loss – A dietician or an Ayurveda doctor can suggest you the right food items to enhance weight loss, at the same time, remaining healthy. The metabolic activities subsequent to the consumption of food will depend on the type of food you consume. Eggs, leafy vegetables, broccoli, salmon fish, sardines, cabbage, cauliflower, boiled potatoes, etc. are advised for the people undergoing a weight-loss food regime.

6. Soluble Fibre is the Solution – Studies indicate that soluble fiber will be helpful in promoting weight loss. Such fibers are low in calories. Once you consume soluble fiber, it will fill the stomach and give the feeling of fullness. Thus preventing the consumption of more food.

7. Coffee and Tea – Coffee and tea observed to enhance metabolism. Metabolism is the process of breaking down food inside the body.   With the improvement in metabolic activity, the food particles will burn easily and will help you in reducing weight.

8. Whole Food Diet – Processed, readymade and preserved food is a firm non-no, when you are trying to reduce your weight. A whole food diet is a right companion for weight loss. The ingredients in processed foods are high in calories, thus causing an increase in weight. 

9. Eat Slowly – The first step in digestion happens in your mouth. You must chew the food for enough time inside your mouth. So that the digestion process commences effectively from the mouth. As already chewed food reaches your stomach, it will break down, and burn more quickly. Swallowing or eating hurriedly can cause quick weight gain. It will also impede your attempt to lose weight loss. 

10. Sleep Well – Sleeping tight and sleeping right is essential for weight loss. Stress, lack of sleep, and tensions can cause an unwanted increase in weight. The same will hamper your effort to decrease weight. Sleep is medicine for many of the problems. Hence, sleep well to control your weight.

A healthy and fit body is everyone’s dream. Controlling your body weight is the first step towards maintaining a healthy life. With concerted efforts, you can enhance weight loss and gain a carved and beautiful body. Along with the above tips, you can consider ayurvedic treatment for weight loss too. Unlike allopathic or any other methods, Ayurveda uses herbal medications and physical exercises for reducing excessive fat.

Once you start the activities for weight loss, never settle until you achieve the aim. By pursuing a stipulated food control regime, keeping a healthy lifestyle, undertaking daily physical activities, following a sleep timetable, and inventing methods to avoid stress, you can own a healthy and fit body. Don’t return to the unhealthy lifestyle after succeeding in losing weight. You must continue the healthy way of living and food habits to maintain the weight within limits.


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