The world is now moving towards videos as video streaming platforms are growing at a massive pace and became so important in our day to day lives and so as the tools which create and edit videos.

There are so many different options available in the market to create and edit videos that sometimes people got confused which one to choose as a wrong selection can destroy all the hard work.

And on the other side, a good selection of tools can give you massive success but you need to know which feature of the tool actually makes your video look awesome to your customers.

So here I am mentioning some of the best video editing tools available in the market that you can use to create awesome videos that your customers will surely be going to love a lot.

5 Best Video Editing Tools

Final Cut Pro X

So this is one of the best video editing software for MAC OS, this is actually a paid software which lets you edit your videos like a pro. The features it provides are great which simply enhances the look and engagement of your video.

The user interface of the application is so easy that won’t go to face any kind of problem while using the application.

And if you are apple’s loyal customer then you will just love this application as it has a great with your photos and iTunes collections.

Adobe Premiere Rush

This software makes things so easy to edit a video as now we do not have to keep our PC all the time with us to edit the videos.

This Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the best applications that you can use on your phone and still you will be able to edit your videos like a pro.

it also provides some great features like four video tracks, you can easily import the edited video to your social media accounts, in application editing tools, and many more.

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you ask any pro video editor for the best video editor there is a possibility he/she will take the name of this application. Even you can understand the authenticity of the application by the name of the application.

Adobe is the leading company in videos editor segment and if I need to mention the features of the application then I have to write another article so can simply go to their website and can read all the features

And if you are windows 10 user then you must have an idea about how popular it is among Windows users, you can do almost everything with this application to make your videos engaging and awesome.


If you are just started then this software is great for you as you will all the basic features in this application that you need to edit a good video.

And if you want to use this application for professional work then you need to move to a more advanced form of Filmora software.

It also provides a free version of the application and you can also move to the paid version which unlocks some more features to edit your videos.


Kinemaster is again a freemium application and one of the best video editing software that lets you edit a video with the limited feature in his free version of the application. The main drawback of the free version of the application is it leaves a watermark in your edited video.

Where if you purchase the premium version of the application there are many different features that will get unlocked and you can edit your video like a pro.


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