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Top 5 most creative books list in 20th century

Books are the essential assert for spreading creativity all over the world. Creativity is very self-made thing that just not only give benefit to others but also brighten-up future of a creative person through the exposure of his visions.

I will suggest you some Top 5 Best books in 20th century of creativity, the list and description is given below:

  1. Blink by Mnolis Kelaidis, 2010

This book gave a technology concept in a much diversified way. He made links in ink of letters that were used in this book and its ink make a connection with the setup gave on the last page of that book. Letters have sensory things similar to these that placed in our mobile technology. The same thing placed on the printed page of this book. If somebody will touch it then it will automatically connect to nearby device and through this touch on printed page of book you can open an image, a video, music. You can also control sound pitch from it. This is not a book but also it is a form of technology in the form of a book. This book is not consisting of any type of wire.

This book gave many awards for this tremendous invention.

  • Traumgedanken (Dream Thoughts) by Maria Fischer,  2010

This book of Maria Fischer is very beautiful piece to read. It presents the concepts of dreams through threads, this visualization of concept made it beautiful and mind provoking. It gave the exact concept of our mind that how our thoughts make our dreams. Maria gave this concept through emerging things; threads of different colors and these threads were not just only one page but throughout the whole book. The shapes derived from threads were creating different concepts a mesmerizing feel.  It was one of the bet creation that gave peace and calm to anybody.

  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, 2013

This book has its uniqueness that the number on the title of this book “1” is represented through a matchstick and the side of the book contains that match box paper through which this match stick anybody can burn  it. This idea was introduced by Elizabeth Perez. This idea has its uniqueness and identity that nobody beaten before it.

  • The Drinkable Book by organization Water is Life,  2014

This book gives the concept of purifying water in its self. I mean wow, how tremendousthis idea is, the pages of this book have the ability to purify water up to 4 years. But for one condition, that is purify and hygienic environment. The amazing thing is that it will remove many diseases like Typhoid, Cholera and E. coli. This is the best thing about this book.

  • A book that is grow into a tree, 2015

This book is made during Tree Book Tree Campaign that runs in Argentina by Children’s publisher Pequeno Editor. It is basically used for the awareness of growing trees. Its paper consists of chemical-free illustrations. If you will grow it in-ground and takes care of it then it will grow a beautiful tree.

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