Top 5 Most Scariest Movies, Only For Daring People


Horror stories mainly focus on fears. These stories are based on creating a feeling of fear for the audience. Some people called it a ghost story. A horror short film starts in 1996, the house of the devil. Some people are addicted to horror movies they are called Phobophilia. People like to watch horror movies because we all want different tastes. We know it wasn’t harmful, we are safe but it can give us some different feelings.  So if you are a true horror movie lover and nothing can scare you, these movies are for you.

Movies Name:

  • The Conjuring 2 (2016, horror and thriller film).
  • 13B (2009, horror, thriller).
  • The Vampire Diaries (2009, drama, horror).
  • The ring( 2002, horror)
  • It (2017, horror)

1) The Conjuring 2:

This is the story of 1977. Peggy is a single mother of four children. The four telles one couple that something evil is in her home. The couple believes her because the younger daughter proves that. When they want to help the couple, they become the next target of the spirit. 91% google users liked this film, and IMDb rating is 7.3. Conjuring 2 movie is available in amazon prime.

2) 13B:

13B is a story of a beautiful joint family. Main character of this movie is Manohar. The incidentas happens with his family. When they shift to a new flat and start watching new tv serials, strange things happen to them. You can watch this movie in Hindi and Telugu.

85% of google users liked this film. IMDb rating is 7.3. This movie has a very unique concept. People who like unique concepts in horror movies, this one’s for you. You can watch this movie in login/begin.

3) The Vampire Diaries:

This is the story of a teenage girl, her name is Elena Gilbert. She lost her parents in a car accident. She falls in love with Stefan Salvatore, he is a 162 year old Vampire. 2009 Vampire diaries is a very popular show. If you want a mix of horror and thriller, drama and romance.  you can watch it. Paul Wesley played his role very nicely. Wesley always gets media attention for relationships. Now his wife is Ines de Ramon. The IMDb rating is 7.7. 95% of google users like this show. You can enjoy this show on Netflix.

4) The ring:

This is an American horror film. The ring movie was released on 7th february 2001. Gore Verbinski is the director of this film. This is a story about a journalist who investigates a video. The story begins when he starts to investigate the video. The spiritual power killed him after seeing the video. 80% of google users liked this film, IMDb rating is 7.1. This is available on youtube.

5) It:

Seven young outcasts in their worst nightmare. Bill Denbrough crafts a paper sailboat for his six years old brother Georgie. He silas the boat in the rainy street, and the boat falls down in the drain. Then he saw some ugly faces. And the story begins. It was released in 2017. 85% of google users liked this film. And IMDb rating is 7.3. It is a super scary movie. This movie is for them who like horror movies very much. It is available on Netflix, and YouTube.


A study says people like horror movies because they want excitement. The three main facts of the horror story are tension, unrealism. We enjoyed it. The main reason is after watching these we all know that these are unreal things. But regularly watching horror movies is not good for our health. It causes poor sleep quality. But horror movies have benefits too. It can boost our immune system. Above mentioned movies are just the five movies which are scariest for me but if you know other movies which should be part of the list, please mention them in the comments.


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