Top 6 Slippers You Should Consider Buying In 2021


2020 has been quite a year, to say the least. With everyone stuck at home, it is safe to assume that none of us changed out of our PJs, and our footwear of choice this year was the timeless and functional slippers. 

Slippers tend to attract a lot of hate for no apparent reason. They are warm, cozy, and adorable; how could anyone hate them? 

This year has managed to change a lot of perspectives, however. If Givenchy can endorse slippers, so can we. 

Slippers just feel familiar. They exude relaxation, ease, and comfort, all positives, in our opinion. The standard footwear of choice is and will always be slippers. If you are on the hunt for good slippers for the coming year, we have a list for you. We are all at home anyway; this is possibly the best time for you to be treating yourself to a new pair. 

The following is a list of the top 6 slippers you should consider buying in 2021. 

Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux-Fur House Slipper

This faux fur leather slipper feels like a hug. Soft, fuzzy, and oh so comfy, Jessica Simpson knocked it out of the part with this one. If you are looking to keep your feet warm and cozy, get your hands on these slippers. Not only are they super chic, but they cushion your feet and relieve aches, making them ideal for all-day-long wear. 

You may think these faux fur slippers lack durability, but they are quite the opposite. These slippers may look dainty, but they are actually exceptionally well-suited to rough and tough use. 

They will feel snug if you order true to size owing to their inner fur lining, so if you are uncomfortable with that, we suggest getting a size bigger. 

Versatile, chic, and luxurious, if you want to treat yourself this holiday season, get your feet (pun intended) on these slippers. Best money you will spend, guaranteed. 

UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin

UGG is a brand that has made a name for itself when it comes to comfy footwear. Not only do UGG shoes guarantee warmth and comfort, but they also promise longevity, which is something we all can appreciate. 

This fleece-lined Ansley Moccasin feels like your feet are cushioned inside a blanket. While slippers generally do not bring much arch support, this particular pair provides an adequate level of arch support, making them perfect for wear outside the house as well. Much like other slippers, these slippers also tend to run slightly snug, but they do tend to loosen up over time. 

UGG is a tried and tested favorite of many. You can blindly opt for a pair without even thinking about the shoe’s quality or durability. If you have your doubts about other brands, this one is a safe bet. 

HomeTop Women’s Knitted Memory Foam Slip On House Slippers

Just the name of this particular pair of slippers makes us want to put on a robe and get a facial. HomeTop makes some really great products, and this is one of them. 

This particular pair of knitted memory foam slippers promise supreme comfort and support. The memory foam in these slippers is excellent for foot support. Moreover, the slippers offer excellent slip resistance, so you do not have to worry about falling on your bum. 

Soft, warm, and plushy, these knitted beauties fit like a dream and look gorgeous too. Moreover, they do not make your feet sweaty at all: win, win. If you have been on the hunt for slippers with good foam support, these are the ones for you. 

LongBay Women’s Comfort Knit Bootie Slippers

Bootie slippers are a league of their own. Slippers are relaxed and comfortable. Boots are stylish and comfortable. Mix the two, and you have this masterpiece. The perfect amalgamation of warmth, comfort, and style, these LongBay Bootie Slippers are what dreams are made of. What more could you possibly ask for in a shoe? 

Providing full foot coverage, these booties are great to wear over socks. They offer a little bit of height from the back as well, making them extra warm. Moreover, their aesthetics deem them perfectly suitable for the outdoors. These booties are also slip-free and machine-washable, so you do not have to worry about them getting dirty.

If you are searching for a simple, no fuss, cozy pair of slippers that are also kind of chic and cute, these are the ones you should reach out for. 

UltraIdeas Women’s Comfort Coral Fleece Memory Foam Slippers 

If you are on the hunt for an affordable pick, look no further because we have the perfect pair of slippers for you. The UltraIdeas Fleece Memory Foam Slippers are an absolute dream for the price. You would think a cheap buy would not be as long-lasting. Wrong! This pair has been known to guarantee impeccable quality, supreme comfort, and excellent durability. 

Aside from their incredible price point and comfort, these slippers look pretty great too. Chic and versatile, you can wear these around the house and outside if you are bold enough. For instance, if you are hosting a party at home and will be on your feet the whole time, you could totally rock these with your outfit of choice. 

Warm but not sweaty and firm yet not hard, these memory foam slippers provide good sole support and avoid slipping. 

If you want a reasonably priced pair of slippers, this is your ultimate pick. 

Baabuk Mel Pink

Baabuk is a brand that takes pride in curating chic, luxurious, and comfortable products that are also sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethically made. If that has not convinced you already, let us elaborate further. 

These pink wool slippers are everything but ordinary. Made with 100% natural crepe rubber and natural wool, these handmade slippers slide on like a dream. Moreover, they cover your entire foot, so they lock in the warmth without getting your feet sweaty. Although not machine wash friendly, you can easily clean them with the help of a damp cloth. 

Aside from their warmth, style, and comfort, these slippers are also incredibly durable. You can wear them around the house all day, every day, and there would be minimal wear; such is the quality Baabuk promises in all its products. 

Our favorite is this cotton candy pink color because it literally looks like a strawberry bubblegum dream, but you can pick another color if that fits your fancy. 

Parting Thoughts

Slippers are an essential item that everyone needs simply because they are just so comfortable, warm, and easy. Ideal for all-day-long wear, slippers are an investment. Considering the current situation we are all in, i.e., staying at home, slippers come in handy at all times. These six pairs are the ones you should keep an eye out for this year. Look out for sales while you are at it. Nobody hates a bargain.


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