mbbs in kazakhstan

Top Benefits of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • Get Medical Education Abroad

For all students who want to receive medical education abroad, Kazakhstan is one of the top countries with affordable, good fee structure and high quality of education.

  • High-Quality Infrastructural Facilities

In terms of education quality, Kazakhstan has an excellent education system and high-quality infrastructure, which attracts students to study here. Universities such as Al Farabi Kazakh National University sustains a world-class infrastructure.

  • Extremely High Literacy Rate

The country’s literacy rate is extremely high, and more than 99% of its citizens are educated, including men and women.

  • Courses Offer

Kazakhstan is a leader in the MBBS curriculum because the students at the university are very experienced and focus on clinical and practical training and theoretical knowledge for students.

  • Applying for Admission

For Indian students, getting medical education enrolment can be tricky, because there are fewer seats compared to the number of students applying for these seats

  • Factor to Consider During Admission

One of the main factors to consider in the admissions process of the Kazakhstan medical school is that unlike the private medical schools in India, MBBS in Kazakhstan fee structure is very affordable in comparison to another part of the world.

  • Practical Training

The main focus of the University of Kazakhstan is to develop students’ skills and practical training, rather than monotonous theoretical research.

  • Professional and Interpersonal Development

They have also developed the professional and interpersonal development of the students, which in turn makes studying MBBS in Kazakhstan interesting and exciting.

  • Famous Medical Graduates

As we all know, Kazakhstan has produced many well-known medical graduates, and these graduates have now successfully carried out work all over the world.

  • TOEFL and IELTS Proficiency Test is Require

To study MBBS in abroad, many countries/regions require students to take an ability test. Universities in Kazakhstan do not need any aptitude test documents from Indian students, such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

  • Admission Procedure

Therefore, students can easily enter these universities without worrying about admission procedures

  • Course Duration and Medical Degree

Since the country offers a medical degree for less time than most other countries, it attracts many students because it saves them more than a year of study time, and can obtain a medical degree early only during the course study of 5 years.

  • Very Affordable and Low Fees

Regarding the cost factor, Kazakhstan’s universities charge students very low fees. In fact, for students who want to study in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan is one of the cheapest countries in the world.

  • Accommodation Facilities is Economical

University accommodation facilities in Kazakhstan are very good. For students, they are economically feasible.

  • Hostels with Best Amenities

University dormitories are equipped with basic facilities in rooms installed for students

  • Rental Facilities Available at Low Cost

Students can also choose to rent affordable apartments near the university.

  • Extremely Safe Students

This country is very safe, and students do not have to worry about the safety of this country.

  • Good Cooperative Relationships

Kazakhstan’s universities have also established good cooperative relations with medical schools.

  • Seminars and Programs Conducted

There are multiple countries, which is why multiple seminars and programs are held regularly.

  • Modern Technologies

Students have the opportunity to learn some new things and learn about modern technologies and new developments in the medical field.