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Top Platforms Where You Can Download Digital Books Free

Most of the people want to create their library. To create a library, they require lots of books. If you want to buy lots of books, you will have to spend lots of money. Most of the people don’t have enough money and they can’t fulfil their desire. Now, this is an era of digital books. They can easily fulfil their desire of creating the library by using platforms to download digital books. After downloading digital books, they can create a library on their smartphones or their computers. It means that they don’t require a physical place to keep these books. Here, we will discuss top platforms to download digital books for free.

Google eBookstore:

In its free section, you will find tons of free eBooks. These eBooks are available in different genres. You can easily find your favourite books here. After finding your favourite digital books, you can also download these books in various formats. You can find the books of the best sellers. You can find the best books in a specific genre. Before downloading these eBooks, you can also read the reviews and ratings of these digital books. These reviews and ratings will provide you with an idea about the quality of these digital books.

Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg is also a free platform to find and download lots of free digital books including books for children. If you are getting access to this platform from the public domain, you will find more than 57,000 free digital books to download. You can also read and redistribute these digital books free. To read and download these digital books, you don’t require any kind of custom app. You can’t sort out these books based on the latest booksellers. Anyhow, this platform is open for the users 24/7.


It is one of the largest publishers of digital books in the world. This essential platform has more than 75 million downloads each year. The most essential and interesting fact of this free platform is that it works with academic experts to provide the best digital books to the users. It means that all the books on this free platform are written by the university professors and these books are free for the students. This platform is providing low-cost educational facilities to the readers. Some paid digital books are also available on this platform. You can also read and download these digital books by paying a small subscription fee.


It is also a free digital book collection platform. It is providing the best experience to the users. That’s why this platform is growing day by day. On this platform, you will find lots of digital books. The quality of these digital books is also impressive. Moreover, this platform also provides fast services to users to read and download digital books. In its search bar, you can search digital books just by typing the title, author or subject of the digital books. The digital books on this platform are available in different formats. Therefore, after downloading these digital books, you can read them on any device. Anyhow, there is a limit of downloading on this platform. You can’t download more than 50 digital books in a day on this platform.


Suggested by a dissertation writing service, this is also a free and cool digital platform for book lovers. This platform provides lots of free digital books and you can read these digital books on any device. On this platform, you will find a collection of the huge fictional and non-fictional books. The most interesting benefit of this device is that you can read these books easily on your smartphones. This essential platform is also providing a self-publishing platform for the readers. With the help of this self-publishing platform, you can also publish your content. This free digital book sharing platform has a special feature. With the help of this feature, you can easily turn the RSS feed into the PDF file. After converting it into the PDF file, you can download it in different formats.

Internet Archive:

It is an open library and it is filled with millions of books. You can get access to these books free of cost. The main aim of this platform is to provide the published material to the world. You can easily find out the digital books on this free platform by searching in the search bar. After finding these digital books, you will see three options. The first option is to read digital books. The second option is to download digital books. The third option is to borrow these digital books. These digital books are available in the DAISY format. You can easily read these digital books on all the devices. This essential platform will also provide you with an opportunity to publish your books.


This essential platform was established in 2004 and the establishment of this platform aimed to provide free digital books. On this platform, you can find more than 50,000 digital books. This platform is also known as a comprehensive free digital library. On this platform, most of the books are relevant to classic literature. If you are a self-publishing author, you can introduce your work on it. ManyBooks is providing a vast community of readers to the publishers. Lots of new digital books are uploaded on this free platform. That’s why this platform is expanding day by day.

PDF Books World:

It is the best quality platform for readers to find free digital books. The main aim of this free platform is to provide the books of the best authors to the readers. These PDF books are available in different formats and on different subjects. You can easily read these books on different screens like Tablet, Laptop and Smartphone etc. You can find PDF books relevant to fiction, non-fiction and academic categories. If you want to download free digital books on this platform, you will have to register your account on this platform. Along with these platforms, you can also find free digital books on the Sharing eBooks, Snewd and Crazy Books etc. These digital platforms are also providing digital books of the best authors.