Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the newest version of counter strike, and you heard a lot about CSGO prime in the game. However, now it’s become a trend to buy CSGO smurf to extend the player’s rank. We understand that your mind has many queries to know about CSGO prime accounts and why people use to buy cs go smurf?

In this article, we will explore some advantages of smurfs accounts that will guide you to play with prime accounts and boost your rank or gameplay. So, let’s dig it deep and try to find what are the reasons behind the exclusive use of CSGO prime accounts and why players love to play with this.

Great skills

This is the game which demands high skills and depth knowledge of the game. However, winning and losing the levels in the match round determines the player’s dictation and shows how to play different rounds with unique skills. So, besides the different weapons, spray pattern, crosshair setting, bomb planting and defusing, it is essential to be skilled enough to understand the game’s economy. Gearing up survival in the match is very crucial to win the matches successfully. For obtaining excellent skills, you need regular practice and a lot of effort while playing with offline bots or online on death-match or casual modes. It will improve your game skills and build up a massive skill range in you. Therefore, most of the players use CSGO prime only to practice before with other players and improve their skills.

Exciting maps and skins

The topmost reason that increases CSGO prime accounts’ use is the wide range of skins and maps. The exciting weapons and skins in every level attract players towards prime accounts, and it’s the main reason that boosts the number of players in the game. If you buy CSGO smurf, you get a variety of modern weapons cosmetic that rage you to play. Moreover, every type of weapon has several skin types that attract players towards it, AWP, AK-47 and the knife is the most expensive skin in the CSGO. Exclusive skins are so popular among the gaming community that separates prime players from the other players. Skins give you a chance to prove your attitude of the gaming style not only in a particular match but also in the entire game.

Professional team with coordination

When you play with CSGO prime you get the team of professional players; however, most experienced players love to play with the prime accounts because it not only improves their skills but also makes them capable of helping other players. Here, you form a team and team-up with professional players that will support you to kill enemies. Many players in this account are pro players from the national and international level. If your team plays well and wins the matches, there are high chances to gain cash prizes and compete in Esports tournaments.

Tactical nature

Choosing the right weapon for distinct matches needs high tactical knowledge of the weapons. This game is more than one or two tactics, but one of the crucial tactics that the pro players play with CSGO prime accounts. Playing with more than one smurf account is the player’s tactic to kick out the beginners from the game. Therefore, they buy csgo smurf and play against the beginners at lower accounts and defeat them.


CSGO prime accounts have multiple uses that are why players love to play with it. You can also buy CSGO smurf and improve your gameplay without losing anything. It will not only boost your rank but also make you a pro of the game.


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