Tourist Attractions in Hangzhou


Have you ever plan to take your family to Hangzhou? Is the place there on your travel list? If “no” add this place in your travel list! Hangzhou is known for its unconditional beauty and traditional culture! If you want to check out the ultimate gorgeous vacation spot, Hangzhou is the dream destination for you!

If the heavenly attractions lie somewhere, it is in Hangzhou, The beautiful saying – “Up above is heaven, down below are Hangzhou and Suzhou”.

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Explore with us

In this travel blog, I am your travel guide, and I will take you to 3 tourist’s spots in Hangzhou. Are you ready? So time to tighten your seat belts as we are ready to fly.

Our first Destination is – Wander in the West Lake Wonderland.

Hangzhou’s most attractive spot, whether it is rainy, sunny, snowy, or cloudy weather, or you visit the place in the morning or a late-night, The West lake is ready with its show of beauty! Yes, 24 hours and 365 days, the place will bestow beauty and happiness on you.

You can discover the lake surroundings, by walking, biking or boating around the lake. It is one of the relaxing vacay points in China. Want to take some great clicks? Take your clicks on Broken Bridge as there are great sunset views.

So are you excited?

Enjoy a Live Performance

Now it is time to Chillax and enjoys some sizzling Live shows:

  1. Impression West Lake – The light music, dance and lights! What else do you wish for? It narrates the story of two lovers.
  2. The romance of the Song Dynasty – this show narrates the historical culture of the place.
  3. West Lake Night – The sensational performance by top –artists.

This three shows will speak out about the beauty of local people and their culture. So if you want to see the real beauty of the place, watch the live performances of the local artists.

Time to Discover Old Hangzhou in Qinghefang Old Street

If you want to adore and experience the life of old Hangzhou, then this place is the epitome of the place’s history. Want to eat shop or visit the sightseeing? What can be better than discovering Qinghefang Old street. You may find massive rush during the peak season. So get ready to pack your bags and land in Hangzhou.

After visiting the above places, let us have some shopping time! Go to the self-service supermarket and get some high-tech stuff for yourself. You may hear about Alibaba and its stories; if “yes,” visit Alibaba’s headquarter and get to know some interesting facts about Alibaba.

Even you will get a golden opportunity to learn about Chinese Tea, Silk, and Medicine and know its preparations. 

Final Words

Heya Travelers! Do you love the above places? I know you are curious to visit the places. Right? So get your tickets to reserve via united airlines reservations.

For any further information, have words with us in the comment section.


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