Types of bracelets and tips to choose the right one

Types of bracelets and tips to choose the right one

Going out bare arms can be boring as well as uncomfortable. Bracelets are excellent to embellish your arms and add oomph to your overall appeal. These can significantly amp up your style game and be an important attention catcher as necklaces. You can choose from a variety of opal bracelet at PurpleMay Jewellery to take your look to another level. Here is a guide to types of bracelets and to how to pick the best one for every occasion.

Popular bracelet types 

Just like every other jewelry piece, choosing the right bracelet can be challenging. However, a little understanding of different types of good luck red bracelet can help you make the right choice and grab the spotlight in no time.


These are elegant and the simplest type of bracelet that is traditionally a part of an outfit in many countries. You can choose thin colorful bangles and stack them together or go for broad ones to wear alone. Pick a gold one or a diamond/gemstone studded for as bold choices.


These bracelets are made of flexible material put together in single or multiple rows. You can be playful with different colors and gemstone beaded in them.

Chains and links

These popular bracelets are usually made of metals. Different types of chains can create different looks. You can pick a twisted thick chain for a bold look and a simple sleek one for more elegant styling.


These bracelets are often made of leather, threads, beads, or other earthy elements and are ideal for a bohemian or hip hop look. You can find several pretty and playful combinations of colors and textures to add another dimension to your appeal.


Charm bracelets have little trinkets dangling from them giving you a youthful and childish vibe. You can also choose charms that represent certain emotions or memories from the past.

Tips to pick the right bracelet

Over time bracelets have seen tremendous evolution with plenty of varieties floating across the market. It can be perplexing to choose the most suitable one for a particular occasion. Here are some tips that can simplify your choice and ensure that you always stand right on the fashion meter.


Bracelets are unique as they can be considered an accessory or a piece of jewelry. It is important to consider your intent while choosing one. Your style also plays a vital role in making the selection. For instance, people with a busy lifestyle would prefer stronger and earthy bracelets while sleek and delicate models would suit the showbiz.


There is no definite rule when it comes to choosing the material of your bracelet. You may consider looking, style, and skin type as well. Even in metallic models, you have popular options in gold, silver, and stainless steel. If you have sensitive skin, you can also get nickel-free models.


The size of the bracelet is important not only to match with your style but also for practical reasons. A comfortable size will make it easy to change your bracelet with your outfits. There are models with adjustable sizes to match your style and wrist size and are easy to use.


The choice of bracelet also depends on your lifestyle. For instance, a busy mother or one with extensive outdoor activities would prefer a sturdy, durable, and comfortable one to avoid frequent breakage and mess on it.



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