Reliable Ways To Establish Your Presence In Uber For Babysitter Sector

Uber For Babysitter Sector

Parents take care of their children like a gem. As most of the parents are working nowadays, they need a reliable nanny to take care of their children. The cost of hiring a full-time babysitter is exorbitant. The economical solution would be to hire a babysitter for the hours of requirement. But it is difficult to find a babysitter in short notice. Uber for babysitter apps can resolve just the issue.

Let’s understand parents expectations better with these stats

  • According to recent BusinessWire reports, 66% of parents pay more for a babysitter with safety training.
  • Parents completely detest nannies being distracted during the sitting session. The studies suggest that 14% of nannies are involved in excessive texting, 11% use social media, and 10% watch television.
  • Red Cross reports state that 66% of parents do not find a good nanny.
  • As per a recent study, 71% of parents would pay for child care services for their preschool children.

Factors promoting business growth for Uber for Nanny 

Trustworthiness: Though it may sound simple, it is very essential for the business growth for Uber for Nanny. The ID and the relevant document of the babysitter must be verified as part of the registration process. Also, the badge can be offered like a verified sitter to gain the trust of the customers.

Forums: Parents have lots of undiscussed doubts when it comes to parenting. Forums can be discussion sessions where experts produce informative content related to parenting, child care, child preferences, and so on.

Itinerary: Child development from a young age is proving to be essential. There could be certain skills and aspects that can be taught as part of the kids’ learning program. Depending on the age group, the skill-list can be segregated, and parents can select one or more according to their preferences. For instance, for the children belonging to 1-2 years, coherently speaking is essential, so there could be speech-training sessions. 

Monitoring: Parents like to keep an eye on their children now and then. The features like video calling during sessions would be useful. Whenever the babysitter leaves the baby alone for a particular time, an alert could be sent for the user.

These aspects are crucial when it comes to babysitter app development as they are mandatory to gain customer attention and trust.

Minimal Viable features to include in babysitter app development

Social-sign in: Registration must be simple and should include major steps. Customers can simply sign-in using social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on. There must be updation across personnel devices when a change is made in one device.

Chat: The chat with the assigned/chosen babysitter before the session to mention the baby’s dietary requirements and during the session to get real-time updates of their kid.

Video call: The parents or babysitter can make video calls with the assigned sitter to make the necessary arrangements. They can also check-in their children whenever needed.

Reports: At the end of the session, reports can be sent regarding kids’ behavior, diet, and so on. This feature proves to be essential for the parents to know their children’s progress during the session and ensures their trust with the babysitter. 

Geolocation: Customers can locate the nanny nearer to their location using the geolocation filter. In addition to that, the app is integrated with a real-time tracker to locate the babysitter as per their convenience.

Choose babysitter: People can choose the babysitter as per their requirements based on the list presented to them. The review & ratings, skills set, verified badges are to be part of every sitter included in the app.

List of Successful babysitter apps 


SanFrancisco based popular babysitter app is available in more than 60 countries across the United States and has more than 150000 caregivers. In addition to the manual checks and id verification feature, the app has won the hearts of the users through its Facebook integration. Customers can view the babysitter’s Facebook profile. 

Hello Sitter

The app is most suitable for last minute bookings. After customer requests can get completely verified nannies as per their requests through the app. After booking the service provider as per their preference, the customers can meet them in an hour. 

Sittercity’s Chime 

The top 1% of highly rated nannies are part of the app. Though Sittercity owns the Chime app, the working differs slightly from the latter. All the babysitter must undergo background checks in Chime’s case, but it is not mandatory for Sittercity. The app was launched in September 2015 as of now; it has completed over 100,000 bookings. 


The most popular downloaded app in London. Customers can book a nanny for longer durations through this app like for a monthly and yearly basis. This sets the app from the other babysitter apps where users can book nannies on an hourly basis.

Summing Up

The secret for success is building the perfect app to match customers’ requirements. With features like multi-lingual and multi-currency supports the barriers, the demographic barriers can be broken, and the global market can be established for your Uber for babysitter app. So choose the best app development company to assist with on-demand babysitter app development.


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