Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gift for Every Phase of Relationship

Every year, you unlock a new level of love. In starting its all-sweet words, then come the hugs and promises, and when you get more and more serious and committed, the love takes a form of affection and care. One day you realize that years have passed, and now, your partner is your best friend who knows all your secrets and all your quirks. It would be wrong to think that one type of gift will work for all phases of a relationship. In the early days, you guys might be in a long-distance, then you need to know what and how to send Valentine’s Day Gifts to India and abroad, and if your guys are living together, then you need some surprising gift idea.

In every stage, you need something appropriate that symbolizes what you feel, so we have prepared a guide of Valentine’s Day Gift for every phase of the relationship. Follow our guide, and enjoy a love that will last a lifetime.

1. Dating Phase

If you are dating each other for only a few days or weeks, then you need something light and affectionate to gift her or him. Your gift should not be something that makes them feel stifled, so Flowers and cake is the perfect gift for them. It wouldn’t be so expensive that it will make them feel like they owe you, but it would still be a sweet enough gift for them.

2. Exclusively Committed

So, you guys just got serious but are not ready for the big tags yet, it’s still great news, and it’s the perfect chance to woo them, and the gift that will help you in the wooing process is accessories. A girl will never say not feel pressured if you gift her perfume, and your man will not bolt to the door after receiving a wallet or keychain.

3. Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Now you have promised many each other the world and fulfil those promises you need romantic Valentine’s gifts for him or her. Don’t worry! We have the right choices for you. Gift them a personalized gift. It will help them remember that their heart belongs to them, and your couple-caricature will also keep the other women and men away from your sweetheart.

4. Newly Married

If you are newly married, then you must be living in constant bliss. Those romantic mornings and affectionate evenings… To compete with your lovely moments, you need to gift them something big, and you can’t go bigger than jewellery and gadget. So, Gift him a gaming console, and he will stay grateful for weeks, and jewellery makes a perfect romantic valentine’s gift for Wife.

5. Old Couple

So, what if you’ve been married for years! Love never dies, and romance is not a slave of age. You should spice up your romance with some sweet memories and make them realize why they choose you in the first place. Gift them a picture collage or photo frame and remind them of those precious moments that helped you reach here.

Final Note:

Love can’t be defined in years. Sometimes you the person is the one on the first glace, and other times it takes years to realize the depth of your feelings. But generally, we humans take some time to get used to each other. If your love-timeline is falling under any of these categories, you know what to gift them, and if you are wondering about the best place where you can find these gifts, then we have a great suggestion.! Check out this fantastic online store, you will find the perfect gift here, and they do home-deliveries! Can they be more amazing?