Videos on Instagram: The great allies of B2C companies

Videos on Instagram

When it comes to catching consumers, B2C (business to consumer) companies have their best ally in videos on Instagram.

There is no doubt that video on Instagram is growing, reaching many users who are end consumers of the brand’s products. 

Discover how to upload effective videos on Instagram and make your B2C company take off and retain the end consumer.

Of course, your B2C company has to have an Instagram strategy.

You cannot upload videos on Instagram without a defined communication style, with specific objectives.

In this post, you will see how you can upload videos to Instagram and from where.

Also, we will see examples of B2C brands and companies that use video on Instagram very well to attract their potential audience.

Instagram is an exceptional channel to develop a strategy with your company profile.

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How to highlight your B2C company with your video strategy on Instagram?

First, let’s see how we can upload a video on Instagram for our company.

We can upload a video to Instagram in several ways:

  • Upload videos to Instagram already recorded

Since 2013 Instagram allows you to upload videos on Instagram without recording them with the app, it is a great option to upload carefully edited videos.

Videos can be uploaded in an extended format or adjusted to Instagram’s traditional 1: 1 format.

Remember that the maximum length of the video is 60 seconds.

If 60 seconds is not enough, remember that you can edit the frames that enter the video before publishing it.

  • Upload videos to Instagram Stories

But the video on Instagram has more possibilities.

Instagram Stories is a very interesting format for B2C companies.

You can share your video in various formats and your publication will appear recommended to the followers of your account at the top.

What types of formats can I upload to Instagram Stories?

The application offers you several possibilities:

  • Broadcast a live video.
  • Record a video and then upload it to your Stories.
  • Create one with Boomerang.
  • Record a video in Hands-Free format to record from afar without picking up the phone.
  • Broadcast live videos on Instagram

Live videos on Instagram work like those on Facebook, they are ideal for sharing relevant moments for the brand.

If your B2C company wants to make an event visible, live video is great.

Also to show production processes and to humanize the brand with fresh and direct content that empathizes with the audience.

  • Boomerang: the funniest video on Instagram

Of course, as we have said, you can upload your video on Instagram with the Boomerang app.

It is a best way of showing Buy Instagram Followers UK the brand on Instagram and has a lot of followers and views.

  • Albums on Instagram

Now we have another novelty: the albums on Instagram.

And I’m not talking about the Carousel advertising format.

For a few days, we can upload several photos or video clips in an Instagram post.

The number that Instagram allows us per publication is 10.

This is a perfect format to tell emotional stories and capture the interest of the public of our brand.

Recommendations to upload your videos to Instagram

What are the characteristics of the video on Instagram?

Let’s see its basic characteristics in design, technical aspects, and call to action.

  • Design

From Facebook they give us the following recommendations:

  1. The aspect ratio has to be 1: 1.
  2. Also, H.264 compression, preferably high profile, square pixels, fixed frame rate, and progressive scan.
  3. The recommended format is mp4.
  4. Audio, stereo AAC compression, preferably greater than 128 kbps.
  5. The caption, with text only and about 125 characters.
  6. Technical requirements

The maximum length of the text in the caption is 2,200 characters.

Of course, you can upload a video in several formats: square, horizontal, and vertical.

These are the recommendations:

  • Horizontal: 1.91: 1
  • 1: 1 square
  • Vertical 4: 5

The maximum resolutions also vary according to the format of the chosen video.

For example:

  • Horizontal: 650 * 315 pixels
  • Square: 600 * 600 pixels
  • Vertical: 600 * 750 pixels

The maximum duration of a video on Instagram is 60 seconds, with no limit on the minimum duration.

Thus, you can upload your video in different types of formats.

The supported Codecs are:

  • H.264 and Vp8 video
  • Audio AAC and Vorbis

Very important: the maximum size of the video must not exceed 4 GB.

The maximum frame rate is 30 fps, also, the still image of the video, like the thumbnails on YouTube, have the same format and should not exceed 20% text if you are going to promote them later.

To find out, check your image in the Facebook Overlay, a fantastic tool.

  • Call to Action button

In your promoted videos you can add a Call to Action button.

Consequently, they invite the user to act during or at the end of the video display on Instagram.

You should also know that if you don’t add a URL, the Call To Action button will take you to the URL of the Instagram account website.

What types of buttons are there?

  • See more.
  • Reserve.
  • Get in contact with us.
  • To download.
  • More information.
  • To buy.
  • Sign up.


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