Want to know myths about vape pen packaging? Here are 8 common misconceptions


Sleek, elegant, and alluring is what we can say about vape pen packaging. It is manufactured with sustainable materials most of the time. These materials are cardboard or corrugated ones. Due to this, they are quite durable. These packages are manufactured in a customized manner. Different kinds of styles are associated with these packages. Numerous benefits are associated with them. Yet many people have a different misconception about them. Curious to know about those myths? We are here to explain the most common one for you. The following are 8 common misconceptions about these packages that you must know about.

Not Easy to Manufacture

It is a general perception of a vape pen box. It is because many people think that these have great style. That makes them think that it is not easy to manufacture them. But their manufacturing process is quite easy. It is the same as for the other packaging types. It is just that their quality is exceptional. But that is not the problem in manufacturing them. Some people believe it due to their amazing style, design, and standard. But this is purely a myth. When we talk about reality, packaging manufacturers can make them quite easily.

Costly raw materials

It is among the top myths about these boxes. Many people believe that these packages are manufactured with costly raw materials. It is because these packages have thick walls that make people think about their costly raw materials. But that is not the case. Businesses buy them in a bulk quantity that reduces their cost. Moreover, these materials also come from recycled sources. That means their cost is quite low. This thing negates the myth about their high-cost. That is the reason why it is among the top ones here.

Cannot survive harsh climate conditions

When we talk about myths regarding vape packaging, this one is important. It is because it is a general perception that these boxes are not enough to survive the harsh climate. We mean high humidity or temperature. But this is not true at all. They are heat resistant up to some extent. When laminated with vinyl sheets, they can resist moisture as well. That means they can survive both harsh climate conditions. Due to this, they can survive on the retail shelves for a long time.

Not convenient to carry

Talking about a common misconception about this packaging, it is generally perceived that they are not easy to carry. Well, it is true in some cases. But that is not for all these boxes. Some of them have a shape that cannot be placed inside the pocket of pants or shirts. But many others are sleek and compact enough to carry them in the pockets. So, it is not a good idea to ignore these compact ones and pass the judgment that all of them are not easy to carry.

Manufacturing takes a long time

Well, as in the case of many premium packages, people think that this high standard vape pen box can take a long time to manufacture. But it is certainly not true. Many packaging manufacturers that are providing these boxes have a very short lead time. That means you can get them in the same period as in the case of other types of packaging. It is all because of the modern technology that has made the manufacturing of these packages easier for businesses.

Not enough protection 

Protection is the primary purpose businesses get packages, especially for these types of precious items. But some people believe that these packages are not secure enough for these packages. It is because of a window in many of these packages. That makes people think that it can let harmful elements penetrate inside. This myth is far from reality. It is because this window is mostly sealed with a clear vinyl sheet. Not just this, this sheet has a good thickness that saves it from getting damaged. That means these packages are highly protective of the items inside.

Does not come in a variety

Well, there are some believers in this myth as well. They believe that vape packaging does not come in a wide variety. It is maybe they have not seen or know about different brands. There are numerous brands in the market but not in urban areas. In the market, you will find these packages with different designs and graphics. It is possible to find various packaging types being used as these packages. They are highly customizable, as well. This thing negates the misconception about their limited style.

Different types of vape pen packaging boxes have been introduced since their introduction. Businesses can use them for a variety of tasks. Apart from their benefits, some people have certain misconceptions about them. The aforementioned ones are some of the many that we have cleared for you.


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