The sofa sets are amongst the most expensive furniture in home furnishing. So you must keep in mind certain points to keep your sofa dustproof and long-lasting. Though, you don’t have to worry, if your sofa gets dirty or broken up. You can get a sofa for rent in Ghaziabad or any part of India if you are not really sure about how will it go in your drawing room. Below are few points that need attention to keep the sofa long-lasting and also dustproof.

  • Use right fabric

The very first way to keep your sofa dustproof and long-lasting is to use the right fabric. The right fabric here means to choose a fabric that is both durable as well as cost effective. It is best to choose dark coloured fabric especially when you have children at your home. While there are a lot of options in fabric with different patterns and textures but the best option is to choose a fabric that has both durabilities as well stain resistance. For this situation, you can go for synthetic fibers as they are also cost-effective.

  • Sofa cleaning by professional

Apart from the other measures which can be adopted for a dustproof sofa, is to get your sofa cleaned by a professional. This will help you keep your sofa long-lasting. Just make sure you get your sofa cleaned by a professional every 6 to 12 months. Do not make it too late to get it cleaned, otherwise, the stains get settled up on the sofa and you may not be then able to restore it. The more often you clean your sofa, either by yourself or by a professional, the more glorious your sofa would look.

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  • Changing the daily habits

You will have to change your habits if you want your sofa to be dustproof. Try to avoid having food on the sofa, because as much as we neglect this fact, it is the food stain that makes our sofa dirty most of the time. If you have children at home then try to make sure they do not play on the sofa with things that might put a strain on the fabric of the sofa. 

  • Protecting with stain guard

Despite having a good fabric it is very important to have a stain guard as well, as this would prevent the sofa from getting grimy. When there is a stain on the stain guard, you can easily wipe it off, and the imprint of the stain does not get on the sofa.

  • Attend to the stains on the moment they occur

The very important point to be noted to protect your sofa from getting dirty is to attend to the stains the moment they occur otherwise it will be very difficult to restore the sofa to the older state. Also, make sure you use the right product to clean the stains and read instructions properly before use.

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These are few notable ways to protect your sofa, and if you have failed to follow the above points and your sofa is spoiled do not worry. The renting facilities are available everywhere these days. All the necessary appliances and furniture like the sofa, almirah, bed on rent in Ghaziabad or any part of India are available.


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