CBD for Dogs Anxiety

In recent years, we often hear about cannabidiol, usually indicated with the abbreviation CBD. It is an active metabolite of Cannabis sativa, which does not contain THC. As you well know, it is THC that allows you to obtain amazing effects. These effects do not take place with the intake of cannabidiol, which preserves only the beneficial and healing properties of hemp.

It is now proven that CBD works excellently against pain and inflammation, as well as against nausea and anxiety, and it is precisely for this reason that its use has become legal since 2017 in Italy. It is mainly used to treat those who suffer from chronic pain and particularly serious pathologies, but what not everyone knows is that CBD can also be used on our four-legged friends, dogs and cats.

Let’s go together to discover all the advantages of CBD for animals and the best products available on the market today.

CBD for dogs anxiety: why choose it and what are the advantages

Even our four-legged friends can unfortunately get sick and it often happens that following these diseases it is necessary to suppress them, because their living conditions cannot be considered pleasant at all. Fortunately, however, there is CBD for animals, which allows four-legged friends to lead a more than dignified life despite the disease or pathology that afflicts them.

CBD acts similarly on humans and animals. Not being psychoactive, the animals will not have any amazing effect therefore and their behavior will be the same as always, managing to counter many problems and pathologies:

  • CBD for animals is the ideal choice in case of anxiety and stress, to be administered therefore to all those dogs and cats who live too much separation anxiety with their owner, who have fears and phobias, who suffer from post traumatic disorders, perhaps following an abandonment, an accident or mistreatment. It is also very useful for combating aggression and more acute depression.
  • CBD for animals is also the ideal choice for tumors. Obviously dogs and cats must follow conventional therapies, but with CBD it is possible to improve their quality of life intensely. The pain in fact tends to disappear almost entirely thanks to cannabidiol, as well as the nausea and inflammation of the affected areas.
  • CBD is also excellent for epilepsy. Also in this case, the dog or cat will have to follow conventional therapies, but apparently adding a cannabidiol-based therapy is possible to obtain more effective results. Not only that, it seems that the inclusion in CBD therapy also allows you to reduce the amount of drugs.
  • Osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis and other similar types of chronic inflammatory diseases can be treated with CBD which is in fact a powerful anti-inflammatory and which allows you to experience less pain.
  • CBD is also a valuable aid in autoimmune intestinal pathologies, always thanks to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing power.
  • CBD protects the nervous system and has excellent antioxidant properties. It is therefore a valid choice also in older dogs and cats who suffer from cognitive problems.

CBD products for animals

There are many products with CBD for animals available on the market today. We recommend that you take into consideration CBD Oil for Pet, CBD oil for animals. The CBD oil sees the presence in its composition of olive oil, instead of the classic hemp oil usually used. In this way we offer a product with a very pleasant taste, so as to encourage its intake by your four-legged friends. In addition, CBD has also decided to add Omega 3 to the preparation which allows it to obtain benefits also on the cardiovascular system and which are excellent for the health of the skin and hair, so that the animal can counteract infections, irritations, itching, redness, and allergies.

How to administer CBD oil to animals

Administering CBD oil to animals is really very simple, it is enough to add it to food. You can also try directly with the dropper in your mouth, as long as your dog or cat is quite collaborative. As for the dosage, it is good to start with a few drops a day and monitor the situation. If the desired effects don’t come, you can increase the dosage. You will be able to understand in just a few days which is the right dosage for your four-legged friend.


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