Water Leaks At Home

What Are The Major Locations In House To Check For Water Leaks?

Problems in the plumbing system can happen anytime, anywhere, and in any house. But there are some common locations which you should check frequently to see if there is any leak.

These common locations get plumbing problem because they are either frequently used, or they are exposed to extreme weather conditions. So, let’s check what are the common locations in your house that you should start for the detection of water leaks?

Check Your Water Tanks on Top Floor

More than 90% of houses have water tanks on the top of floors, so it is crucial to take proper care of the water tanks. Water tanks always exposed to extreme weather conditions whether it is winter or summer.

But unfortunately, most of the homeowners don’t check the water tanks frequently until they see the ceiling having wet spots.

It is important to inspect your water tank at least once a month. It will save your home and also save your money.

Check these maintenance tips for effective plumbing system.

Check Your Kitchen For Possible Water Leaks

Taps and sink in the kitchen are used many times on a daily basis in every single home. Because of the frequent use, the lifetime of the pipes and plumbing system decreases.

Also, when there are a lot of plates, mugs, dishes, and other things in the sink, it applies pressure on the joints of the sink and taps that can loosen the joints.

Because of this pressure, the pipe joints might start leaking water. So keep an eye on the taps of the kitchen and especially on the sink or under the sink.

With that, also keep a close look at the dishwasher which is another appliance in the kitchen that can get water leak issue.

Check Your Toilet Tank For Plumbing Issues

After the kitchen and main water tank, you should inspect your toilet as well. Though there are more places in the toilet, like shower and bathtub that can have plumbing issues but the toilet and toilet tank are more likely to get problems.

Normally, it is difficult to detect a water leak from the toilet tank. But if you are clever, you can easily detect the problem by using food color. Just put a few drops in the toilet tank and wait for some time.

Without releasing the water from the toilet tank, if you see color appearing in the bowl, then it means there is a water leak. So, it is time to contact an expert plumber and ask him to fix your water leak issue.

Water Leaks in Swimming Pool

Do you have a swimming pool as well? If yes, don’t ignore to check the water leaks in the swimming pool as well. Normally leaks in the swimming pool are not easy to detect, as many homeowners consider it as water evaporation. But it could be a leak as well.

You should check the soil around your pool frequently to find if it is damp. You will also notice that the main water pump of the swimming pool to refill the water will be turned on most of the time.

You will also see a sudden increase in the water bill. All these signs indicate that you have a plumbing leak in your swimming pool.

You can also use the water bucket method to check pool leak as well.

Water Leaks in the Basement

The basement is the most neglected area in almost every house. This area is not used frequently so most of the time it gets more problems. A basement is an area that collects more moisture and humidity as well because of the humid air.

Some basements also have humidifiers that can also create moisture sometimes if not properly installed and taken care of.

So in many cases, basements can be a problematic area in the house and if there is any water leak as well, these problems become more severe.

This is the reason we also included the basement of the house in this list as well. You should frequently visit your basement to not only check it for the possible water leak, plumbing issue but also for many other problems that can be found in the basement because it is one of the neglected areas in the house.

Final Words

Inspection of your exposed water pipes, roofing system, and underground plumbing is very important. You can easily detect water leaks and plumbing issues in the roofing system or in the exposed water pipes.

But underground water leakage is not easy to detect. You should know all the signs of an underground water leak. If you know these signs, you can detect underground water leaks as well.

To be on the safe side, you should also install smart water detection devices which are very good to detect any possible water leak in the house.