What are the top 5 Data Science Institutes in India?

What are the top 5 Data Science Institutes in India?

Do you ever find yourself all confused with which Institute you should enroll for? Don’t worry, we have got you! Following are a list of Data Science Institutes in India to help you choose better!

Madrid Software

Madrid Software is an institute based in Delhi, that primarily focuses on sharping the skills of students and help them gain knowledge in various fields. It is one of the Top Data Science Institute in Delhi, offering various courses like Python along with Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software Testing, Amazon Web Services and many more!

The initiative was started by ex-cognizant members back in 2011, and Madrid Software have paved their way to the top in all these years. They have trained more than 20,000 professionals, and have made sure that their skills and courses are in accord with the market demand.

One of the aims of Madrid Software is to train the students with the best and top-notch content. By this, they are fully aware of the needs and demands of current times, and they render their services with respect to the requirements.

If you choose to enroll and learn with Madrid Software, you will realise that apart from the respective courses, they have a lot of things to offer! Students are taught good communication skills, work ethics and other professional etiquettes needed for a student to rise and grow in their career.

With a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable employees, Madrid software serves to make sure you find success at every point of your life!

Grear Learning

Founded in 2013, the aim of Great Learning was to see every professional be Data Proficient. With global recognition amongst more than 140 countries, it has been awarded as India’s #1 Ed-Tech start-up. The institute offers a variety of courses like Management, Design Thinking, Cloud Computing, Data Science and many more.

With a worldwide reputation and many success stories, Great Learning has been associated with international universities as well. In 2017, they had completed 2 million hours of learning and fostering young minds. Great Learning is a leading educational institute that aims at delivering relevant and upgraded material to all the students.


With a vision of hoping the students achieve their goals someday, upGrad was initiated in 2015 with experienced and time-by-time updated professionals to maintain relevance.

The institute collaborates with top Universities and industry partners so that they can deliver one of the online learning experiences. Started with the focus on Data Technology and Management, they have trained thousands of professionals and helped them get closer to their dreams.

With a commendable team of members and consistency, upGrad is now considered one of the best institutes for Data Technology and Management, with positive reviews and successful alumni.

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With over 2,000,000 professionals trained, 400+ courses, 2000+ brilliant trainers, and 40+ Global Accreditations, Simplilearn is now the #1 online Bootcamp. They have partnered with various organizations and individuals to understand their needs and requirements better so that they can deliver the same with their initiative.

Being one of the world’s top certification providers, they help the professionals in achieving the goals and aims for higher and consistent success. They provide training in various disciplines like Data Science, Project Management, Digital Marketing and more. With a success rate of more than 85% of trainees reporting benefits like promotions and new jobs, Simplilearn focuses on fostering and growing.

Jigsaw Academy

Understanding the need for constant change and upgrade in various fields, Jigsaw Academy offers well-structured courses like Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Science and more.

With 1 Million+ viewed content, teaching experience of more than 400 years combined, Jigsaw Academy was also awarded as “Partner of Excellence Award 2019” by NASSCOM. Having clients like Microsoft, Swiss Re and Societe Generale, success is guaranteed! The statistics have shown that more than 2500 companies have hired graduates of Jigsaw Academy, as it is clearly one of the best in the business.

So, whenever you are looking for Data Science Courses, make sure you are also aware of the best and most renowned institutes! A good institute will not only train you in the course material but also enhance your skills as a working professional!