The Internet became a diversified community where individuals can seek jobs without going out of their premises and entails a work-from-home set up as well. Companies across the globe knew how efficient this process is that is why they chose to expand their community through the world wide web. This new situation helped the telecommunications industry flourish as time progresses since more and more companies rely on the Internet as their easy-access instrument to communicate with their clients and employees at the same time.

With all of these new environments being practised by individuals, Belong, a telecommunications company from Australia succeeded and is placed as one of the most reliable broadband network providers in the country. Because of the various internet users who chose their company as a provider, more and more people were applying and asking for the details of their service since most people in the country are satisfied. 

Belong has various plans and bundles that are perfect for both home-based workers and large enterprise employees since they created a wide range of packages that will work best regardless of their current location. The Belong NBN plans review showcased nothing but great feedback from customers since they experienced a top-notch connection service at a very reasonable price. 

Service Review

These reviews will inevitably entail negative feedback because we do not hold what a person may opt to feel. Sometimes even a small inconvenience can be published as massive destruction once the customers speak to their stressors regarding the issue. But, Belong assured their customers that they would respond to these matters in the most diplomatic way possible without making the users feel degraded or step-down. The company knows that the customers are always right; therefore, they do the best that they can to explain the disruption and why it might take too long for them to respond. 

One of the issues faced by Belong is when a customer moved from one house to another. The customer was so mad when the company took a long time to fix the connection issue. As a customer, we should remember that installing an internet service is not easy especially if you move from an urban area to a rural location since it is far-fetched from the satellites which mostly are located in the city. 

Keep in mind that workers are humans too, and it is not easy to respond to complaints, especially if it is too harsh and hard to digest. Companies are trying their best to provide quality service, but disturbances are hard to avoid most if it is beyond human control. 

Belong’s Response

The customer service response team of Belong remained calm as they answered the complaints and negative feedback of their customers. As you scroll through the product review page of the company, it is unavoidable to read harsh comments from people who are not satisfied with the service of the company, but the team proved that they answer these posts in the calmest way possible. Still, they explained in a way that the customers would not feel that they are being disrespected and created a new foundation of assurance that the issue will be responded to immediately.

I could not imagine the stress and tension these comments had brought to the customer service team because they are the ones who face angry customers from time to time. Regardless, Belong assures their users that discrepancies will not be encountered once again, and they will now have an enjoyable working experience without the sudden disconnections and lag-free transactions through various online platforms used by their customers. 

Hence, it is best to remember and consider the fact that these individuals are human too, and you will lose nothing if you remain calm and kind if you experience sudden discrepancies.


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