What Happens if you Violate Probation Period?


Provided you have already performed some unlawful activity that led to you being punished with probation, violating this punishment could lead to further consequences along with more negative remarks on your records. You would need a Cobb County probation violation officer to help you find mutual ground with regards to further punishments. Even if you violated your probation period on the last day of your probation, it is yet considered as disobeying a direct order from the state’s legal authorities and can put you behind bars.

Depending on the severity of your unlawful acts, the type of probation can differ. You may be required to attend meetings with your probation officer on a regular basis, perform social service, stay at home or if you are lucky, all you need to ensure is that you do not involve yourself in unlawful acts for at least a year.

If you are already on probation and are found with the possession of illegal items such as drugs, weapons or unauthorized medication, it would be considered as a violation and you would need the help of a probation violation attorney in Cobb County. There are dozens of other ways that can be considered as probation violation, some of which are –

  • Failure to appear in court–If the defendant does not show up in court on the scheduled dates then the judge would consider it probation violation and increase the defendant’s sentence or apply for more rigorous probation rules.
  • Failure to report to the probation officer – The probation officer is liable to check on the defendant at all times and gather periodic reports of the defendant’s improvement and rehabilitation progress. Failure to meet the officer can lead to a more stringent formation of boundaries for the culprit.
  • Failure to pay damage/legal costs – If the defendant needed a government lawyer and has failed to pay the minimal costs associated with a consultation then it would be considered as a probation violation. Any dues or damage costs that may have been incurred by the probator must be cleared to avoid further violations.
  • Behaving unlawfully and committing a crime – If, anyhow, the defendant manages to get himself into trouble and lands up being charged with a crime, the probation officer and the judge collectively increase the punishment sentence and also disallow the defendant from partaking in a number of critical social activities.
  • Failure to comply with probation-related punishments – Community service, therapy lessons, counseling lessons, substance abuse school, etc. are a few of the options that the government has to bring the defendant back to a condition where all his actions can be considered sane. Failure to comply with these activities can lead to a prolonged admission in any of these institutions with no option but to wait for the violation period to end.
  • Violating probation terms – Violating your probation terms can lead to long-term house arrest. The only chance to get out of home is to meet your probation officer. In most cases, even that chance does not exist as the officer will come to your residence whenever he gets the time. This is known as Supervised Probation and can exist for up to 5 years.

Unsupervised probation would permit the defendant to leave the residence, but it would be mandatory to visit the probation officer as and when called for. Simultaneously the defendant has to serve whatever form of service that the judge has demanded to be performed for society. Not following-up with your duty can lead to a complaint by the concerned authorities, eventually leading to further violation of the probation period.

Although it is highly common to be given jail time when the probation is violated, it is not always the case. With the support and guidance of one of the best Cob County probation violation officers, the defendant has a great chance to minimize the prison sentence by a significant duration. Remember, this is an exception in most cases and only works when the judge is lenient and the attorney in charge has a high level of expertise and a formidable relationship with the authorities involved in making the final call with regards to the defendant.

There are several cases where the defendant fails to meet the probation officer, attend court hearings or even go for social duty. Generally, this is unacceptable and leads to further investigation and stricter probation rules, as it considered a probation violation.

But it would be a wise choice to inform the officer, judge or concerned authorities regarding why you missed attending the meeting. Providing them with proof can lead to this violation being considered an exception. If the prosecutor is not confident about his reason, then taking the help of a Cobb County probation violation attorney to inform the concerned authorities could be considered as a wise choice.

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