What Is The Optimum Temperature For The AC to Work in Humid Days?

What Is The Optimum Temperature For The AC to Work in Humid Days?

The hype of the Air-Conditioner just begins once summer starts. But, many fail to utilize the Air-Conditioner optimally, even on humid days. It not only helps to cut down your electric bill but also makes you stay healthy and comfortable.

It’s a well-known fact that when winter approaches, we may not use AC properly. To clarify some common misunderstandings about humidity, contact the O General Customer care number. There is a thermostat setting that is perfect for the winter months too. They have the answer to the issue of how cold should your air conditioner be set on muggy days.

The Temperature Setting May Surprise You If You Follow Below Tips:

Raise The Temperature When You Are Away

The optimum setting to set your thermostat for a mix of comfort and affordability is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Your air conditioner is designed to sense the temperature outside and adjust the temperature inside. Your HVAC system works the same amount regardless of the temperature setting on the thermostat.

Allowing the air conditioner to operate at a higher setting will save money and energy. In the long run, this will chill your home. On a sweltering day, it’s all too simple to return home and turn on your air conditioner to the lowest setting.

The Best Temperature For Sleeping

It is suggested to regulate your thermostat as low as you can get away with winter and as high as you can get away with summer. Since the smaller the temperature difference between inside and outside your home, the cheaper your energy cost will be. For Instance, if it’s a hot summer day and the temperature outside is 89 degrees, your HVAC system will use far less energy to chill your home to 80 degrees than it will to 66 degrees, however, as you want to favor you and your family’s comfort.

Monitor The Humidity

Humidity may exacerbate the effects of a hot day. It’s due to the way humidity interacts with your sweat. When you sweat in a dry atmosphere, your perspiration evaporates fast. This allows you to stay cooler. Sweat has a more challenging difficulty draining while you’re sweating in a muggy environment. As a result, you’re trapped in a hot, sticky mess.

An air conditioner manages humidity as well as keeping your place cool. If your humidity is out of control, it may be time for a tune-up. It might be the right time to purchase a dehumidifier. In any case, keep your humidity levels low to keep one cool. You will likely be surprised to know these tips in detail after connecting to the O General Customer care number.

Some Other Natural Ways To Keep Your Temperature Comfortable

There are a few natural ways to keep your home cooler throughout the summer months and vice versa, in addition to changing your thermostat. You can still enjoy the weather without worrying about setting Air- conditioner. Yes! You can stay naturally cool if you follow the below tips. They will not cost your electric bill and also allow you to keep fit.

Dress for the weather – A pair of jogging pants and a sweater are always warm and inviting. When the weather warms up, though, it’s time to transition to short sleeves and short pants. When you are suited for the season, you will appreciate the benefits of your air conditioning system.

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Install blackout drapes – Use a pair of blackout curtains and ensure that they are drawn when the sun is at its brightest. It will help keep cold air inside while also blocking the sun’s rays and also keeps your room warm on humid days.

Open windows – Let the windows open when you first wake up and when you’re getting ready for bed. It lets fresh air circulate throughout your home, as well as cooler night and morning air.

Plan Regular Tuning-ups schedules – You should be scheduled services regularly. It is to extend the life and efficiency of your HVAC system. Call AC customer care number to whom you can request two tune-ups each year at Service Champions. Plan twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter.

Run the ceiling fans – When you switch on your air conditioner for the first time this season, remember to reverse your ceiling fans. You should turn the ceiling fan counterclockwise in the summer. A refreshing downdraft is created as a result of this.

Make Sure Your Home Is Closed Well – When the temperature rises to the 80s, Check whether all those small gaps around your doors and windows are closed enough. You must check for any gaps through which Air-conditioning can leak.


When you are unsure about setting the Air Conditioner temperature, you don’t even mind its consequences. When you get clear of setting Air conditioning temperatures, you are optimistic about handling it. You can always have an AC customer care number to get the HVAC experts’ advice to set the temperature.   Simply schedule an AC tune-up and let them peek under the hood of your HVAC system.