What to do When Rough Spots Occur on the Granite Surface? 

Granite countertops are durable, smooth surfaces that come in different color options. However, if you want the best results it’s important to go with high-quality granite particles for maximum durability and longevity of your project. Low-quality stones have rough edges which may cause holes or gaps throughout their surface when attempting to be polished into an even smoother finish because these can’t always be done due to time constraints during the production process.

 Also varying natural rock types present at each quarry site so there isn’t much option but using other methods instead such as filling any imperfections seen on top by special epoxy resins mixed specifically customized depending upon what type/size piece needs fixing – this way both appearance AND feeling will still remain intact! Even though the final product is smooth and flawless, low-quality granite has its share of imperfections.

 One way to deal with these rough spots on your countertop is through good resin which can fill up any holes or cracks before it becomes permanent. But there are some more ways to remove or hide the spots from the granite countertops. Let’s look at them. 

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  1. Should a Granite Countertop Be Smooth?
  2. What to look if find the rough base
  3. How to Decide When to Replace vs. Refinish a Granite Countertop with Rough Spots
  4. Several Ways to Refinish a Granite Countertop

Should a Granite Countertop Be Smooth?

In most cases, granite is used for its smooth texture. And while there might be a rare case where someone intentionally adds chipped bits of granite to their home for aesthetic purposes- it’s meant as an accent rather than something functional – kitchen countertops suppliers are constantly being touched and wiped down with spills or crumbs landing on them daily which makes keeping the surface clean almost impossible in these instances because dust will get stuck between tiny cracks that cannot easily be reached without damaging what remains whole enough so particles can fall through onto whatever surface beneath.

 This type of stone should have an almost-smooth surface since it will be seen by people who walk through your home often while cooking on either stove tops or ovens as well as other appliances in these areas where food preparation takes place such plates would also get stained from sauces dripping off pieces being cooked. 

What to look if find rough base:

When rough spots appear on your granite countertop, it’s usually indicative of bad quality. However, what you can do is try and repair the top as quickly as possible with some simple tools that are available in any hardware store or home center: Purchase epoxy resin (or any filler), masking tape for protection from drops/ spills. 

So, while working surfaces get covered in adhesive—plus a razor blade will also work just fine if needed! It’s important not to skimp when repairing these types of services because they could lead to larger problems down the line which would be much more expensive than fixing them now! Once everything has been gathered upstart by cleaning out all debris around where there was damage done.

How to Decide When to Replace vs. Refinish a Granite Countertop With Rough Spots

If you have a granite countertop that’s covered in rough spots or chips, it is not worth trying to refinish the top. The best option would be either replacing it with another material like marble or else installing hardwood floors instead of continuing on. As before when possible by sanding down all those pesky dents from furniture legs into flat surfaces again. So, after the installation has been finished properly the first time around.

When your countertop is in too rough of shape, it can be difficult to decide what the best option may be. Is there any way that this granite could still have life left? Maybe refinishing would do the trick or maybe you should just replace it altogether. And make sure never receive another piece like these awful ones again.

There are many different ways to tell if your countertop needs replacing, but the simplest is when you try filling up any gaps in it. If after refilling with chips and completely resealing there’s still space left for more material or air bubbles have formed between layers then this may indicate a problem with how well they’ve been sealed before. So, means that mold could start growing wherever these areas exist! 

Several Ways to Refinish a Granite Countertop

A granite countertop is a beautiful addition to any concrete kitchen countertops, but they do have their challenges. The seals on these surfaces break down over time and become weaker which allows dirt. And germs into the surface for weeks at a time if left untreated. This can harm both your finish as well as make repairs difficult in future years. Without extra care taken by you or someone. So, who may clean after use with harsh chemicals like bleach wipes, etc?

Once those issues are fixed there’s still one final problem – water absorption. As moisture seeps through from below (or standing pool). So, it leaves dark stains that might not come out until hours later. So, sometimes days depend on how bad things got before noticing them. Also,  even then some areas.

Another good option for refinishing a granite countertop is simply to have professionals come and reseal it every few years. Even though it might cost more than doing the job yourself. So, when you hire someone with better equipment. So, who knows what they’re doing, your repair tends to last longer. Also, saving money in the long run even if right now there’s an initial granite pricing level. 


Granite is a strong, safe, and durable material that makes for the best countertop. Unfortunately, granite slabs have to be smooth in order not only to protect you from nasty bacteria. But also keep all spills on your new surface. So, they don’t stain or damage it over time.

This means regular resealing of this beautiful rock will ensure its pristine condition always while preventing scuff marks caused by contact with food items like glasses. Well, Resealing is better in terms of pricing than replacing because resealing price is less than the granite pricing level of replacing.