What You Should Know About FBISD

Whether you have attended a FBISD Skyward school or not, there are several things that you should know. These include: Accountability ratings, the first day of school, magnet programs, career and technical education (CTE), and fine arts.

Fine arts

Whether you are interested in visual arts, music or performing arts, you can find a variety of opportunities to learn and grow with the FBISD Fine Arts Department. The Department’s mission is to inspire artistry and develop creative and intellectual abilities to serve a diverse population.

The Fort Bend ISD Department of Fine Arts serves a student population of over 60,000 students each week. The curriculum is designed to provide a dynamic experience that advances self-expression. Each year the department produces multiple large-scale showcases. The Fine Arts Department also hosts contests and competitions throughout the year to showcase student work. In conjunction with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the FBISD Visual Arts program held the annual Rodeo Art Show, displaying over 650 pieces of artwork from students at the high school level.

Career and technical education (CTE)

Almost all public school districts offer CTE programs to high school students. These courses are designed to help prepare students for careers and postsecondary education. Many programs provide hands-on learning opportunities. The curriculum for these courses is developed to be aligned with challenging academic standards. The Department of Education collects data on these courses to highlight educational outcomes.

The Fast Response Survey System (FRSS) mailed a national representative sample of 1,800 public school districts. The survey analyzed the CTE programs offered by each district and employer involvement in these programs. The most common activities included work-based learning, mentoring by local employers, and dual credit.

Fort Bend ISD offers a variety of career and technical programs, including Construction, Information Technology, Health Science, and Business and Industry. It is working to design new Career and Technical Education opportunities. These include a new center that will serve up to 1,900 students a day.

Magnet programs

Unlike Houston ISD, which has a number of magnet high schools, Fort Bend ISD is not home to any of them. This is not to say that Fort Bend has fallen behind the times in the educational department. In fact, the Fort Bend academies have been around since the late 1990s. These are high schools that specialize in subjects such as math, science, and technology. Many students from outside the traditional school zones attend these schools.

The aforementioned academies are located within existing high schools. However, the Fort Bend academies are not actually magnets. Instead, they are high schools with high quality courses and extracurricular activities. Some of the academies even have internship opportunities for prospective students.

The most notable academies in the Fort Bend system are the STEM academies. These are a collaboration between the university of Houston-Sugar Land and Fort Bend ISD. As part of this collaboration, the aforementioned academies will have access to state-of-the-art technology and curriculum, including the latest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

Accountability ratings

During the 2021-22 school year, Fort Bend ISD received a B rating from the Texas Education Agency. The district earned high marks in the accountability ratings for closing achievement gaps. The agency evaluated the district on four domains: college readiness, graduation rate, academic growth, and college and career readiness. The results are measured by the STAAR tests.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the FBISD had a 1% dropout rate for grades 9-12. This is one of the lowest rates for schools in the state. The agency granted accountability rating waivers to two of the campuses, McAuliffe Middle School and Hunters Glen Elementary School. The remaining three campuses did not receive ratings.

The Fort Bend ISD has a total of 76,469 students. The overall score was 89, which is just one percentage point off an “A” rating. This grade is awarded for overall performance, college and career readiness, and closing the gaps.

First day of school

Located in Sugar Land, Texas, the Fort Bend Independent School District serves a small section of Houston and parts of Arcola, Clodine, and Juliff. A couple of its campuses were damaged in Hurricane Harvey, including Goodman High School. In the past, the FBISD has boasted some of the best athletic teams in the Houston area. The district has also opened a number of magnet programs to foster a more personalized learning experience.

The district also offers a variety of religious and cultural observances. Aside from the usual school hours, students have two weeks off in the winter and a week off in the spring. If you are interested in registering your child for classes, you can access the district’s family access portal. A Registrar will assist you with your application.