Where To Sell Gold And Get A Promising Investment In Return

where to sell gold
where to sell gold

If you do have some gold on you and in desperate need of some cash, then selling it might be a good way to get rid of your debt and other monetary issues. Some people also invest money in gold and sell it out to make profit later. With gold’s price rising up pretty high, it is not that difficult to sell it somewhere and earn hefty money in return. But before doing that, it is important to answer the question on where to sell gold. Based on the country you belong to, there are separate places where you are legally allowed to sell your gold. The same goes for people of Australia too. So, before jumping straight in the values of selling gold, let’s first learn more about the places where you can sell some.

Invest Gold In The Best Possible Areas:

There are actually two major ways, which will answer your question on where to sell gold. The first one is physical, and another one is completely digital. Physical gold is the one that you can literally touch, while the digital or paper gold will help you to make money by selling or buying derivatives associated to gold.

Where To Sell Gold


The first option for you to consider is Bullion, which is given to gold, which is around 99.5% pure and available in forms of bars, coins and ingots. The values depend on the weight, which is measured mostly in ounce and has current spot rate. These bullions are considered as wise investments backed by government and known for their high purity. They even come in multiple sizes.

Numismatic Gold:

Here, the gold is made into some valuable coins. Unlike some of the other typical gold coins, these ones will have intrinsic value. So, before you understand where to sell gold, you need to focus on these gold coins. You might need to collect such coins from 1800s. In case you are planning to get down to this road, then you have to pay more. The advantage here is that the value grows with passing time.

Gold Accounts:

For your answer to where to sell gold, you can try out gold accounts for a change. Some of the Australian banks will store mortgages, valuables documents and title deeds for you. They can further store gold for you as well, in two ways, which are unallocated and allocated account. Here, you will not just store your gold, but can also sell your existing one in return of some money.

Where To Sell Gold

How To Sell Your Gold Jewellery:

You might have understood where to sell gold. Now, the main question lies on how you get to sell your current gold jewellery for better return. Some of the special tips might guide you well in this regard.

  • First of all, you need to find a trustworthy firm. Gold buying firms will have a Second Hand Dealers license. So, look for those before taking the next steps.
  • Then you need to be an informed seller. Always learn about per gram market value and confirm the weight.
  • You can also be a part of the “Gold Party,” where you get to meet some prospective buyers.

It is hard to pinpoint the amount you will get after selling your gold, as the value varies from one day to another. Reputed centres will purchase your gold based on the karat and weight. The staff members will then determine the item’s purity first using industrial equipment and then calculate the total value.


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