Why a natural cleanser is the first step to a perfect skin care routine

perfect skin care routine

Recently, over the last few years, the industry for natural skin care products has managed to grow at one of the fastest-growing trends in the beauty industry. Initially, the concept of natural products was limited to the food and beverage industry along with the introduction of organic ingredients being amalgamated with dishes from all around the world to come up with healthier and more tasteful meals on the table. However, with the introduction of natural products within the beauty industry, the awareness and inquisitiveness of the people have seen a sudden rise.

Before natural skin care products like natural face cleansers, natural body soaps, natural body oils, natural perfumes, etc. were added to the skincare routine, people trusted products that consisted of synthetic chemicals. These products are highly processed and restrict the skin from breathing freely.

Why Choose A Natural Cleanser?

As children, you might remember your grandmother or your mother insisting on the application of honey, coconut oil for make-up removal, orange peel, etc. They did so to help you clear your skin and remove the collected bacteria and oil on the skin with the help of a natural cleanser as the first step of your skin care routine. But, with time, and the adoption of multiple different face cleansing scrubs, face washes and exfoliators, the importance of a natural face cleanser lost its efficacy value. Let us discuss why a natural cleanser is better for your skin.

All-natural ingredients effectively target one or more skin concerns and resolve them without any harsh prescribed medications and creams.

Natural Ingredients

A natural face cleanser is put together by mixing different natural and organic ingredients available in nature. These ingredients are directly uprooted from their natural stature and amalgamated with other essential oils to make it a subtle and soothing natural face cleanser as part of your skincare routine. Each of the essential oils alone can do wonders for your skin so adding them to a natural face cleanser ingredient list can be highly beneficial for your skin.

No Pesticides and Chemicals

Most of you make a conscious effort to avoid direct exposure to pollution and other chemicals organisms present in the air to avoid skin damage. However, allowing chemically processed face cleansers as opposed to natural face cleansers can greatly increase the accumulation of bacteria and dirt particles onto the skin surface, resulting in acne and skin irritation.

Natural Skin Healer

If you ask your elders for skincare recommendations, they will encourage you to wash your face with just plain tap water on most days. This is because it is very important to allow the skin to maintain a level of TH and oil within its surface to keep all skin problems to a bare minimum. With the help of a natural face cleanser, you effectively wash off the unnecessary collection of dirt and bacteria on your skin surface, without hindering the natural skin texture and oils. This way your skin becomes smoother and stronger to prevent skin concerns like ageing, pigmentation, irritation, etc.

Boosts Hydration

A natural face cleanser is made of a variety of different organic ingredients that effectively contribute to increasing the overall skin hydration levels with just one wash. Some of these popular soothing ingredients include cucumber, saffron, papaya, rosemary oil, etc. These ingredients are high in water content, making them the best addition to a natural face cleanser used in a skincare routine for dry or combination skin.

Pore Minimizer

Large pores are a common concern for the majority of the young adults of the day. One reason for this skin problem is overexposure to pollution, sunlight, and other chemicals. This concern further results in discolouration and pigmentation on the skin surface. However, regular use of a natural face cleanser made of different ingredients like apricot, spearmint, tomato, sandalwood, charcoal, etc. can effectively reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and fade out skin discolouration effectively in the future.

Popular Ingredients in Natural Face Cleaner

  • Neem is an active ingredient that helps in maintaining melanin production on the skin, to help reduce skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
  • Lime is one natural ingredient in a natural face cleanser that promotes skin cell nourishment with the help of vitamin C, making the skin look more radiant and youthful.
  • Rosemary actively works towards reducing skin irritation and puffiness as it is anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • Tea Tree has antibacterial properties that fight sweat production and reduces potential sweat odour off the skin surface to avoid bacteria accumulation on the skin.

To conclude a natural face cleaner has plenty of advantages for your skin and the results will be visible shortly after but only after regular use. To maintain a skincare routine according to your skin type, you need to first understand your skin and then invest in natural products as much as possible, especially a natural face cleanser. You can pick from a variety of different brands including Juicy Chemistry face cleanser, which can help rejuvenate your skin from within.


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