Why are Most Celebrities Found Immersed in the Business Sector?

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Celebrities are people who are always in the public eye. These are people who are always chased by paparazzi, and they are okay with that.

Celebrities are also rich. They enjoy such a lavish lifestyle that the common folks like me and probably you can only dream about.

Have you seen where Emilia Clark lives? Take a look, and you would know what I am talking about.

Despite such lavishness and fame, these celebrities are often seen to be testing out a field. This field is opposite to what they represent and do for a living.

They establish their businesses.

Today I want us to understand why they would feel the need of doing that when they are faring so well in the entertainment world.

More Riches

It is a well-known fact that business personalities earn a lot more than non-business people. In the list of the top ten most affluent people, you are only going to find business owners, be it Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates.

Even in the entertainment world, producers like Walt Disney and Universal Studios would have more money than even the most renowned and successful actors and directors. The former may not be as famous as the talent, but they could own a small country with their wealth.

It is why celebrities delve into the business side of things. They know that they would never be able to earn as much from their talent alone as they will through opening a business.

Take the example of Kylie Jenner; Forbes named her the youngest billionaire in the world at the age of 21. She achieved this feat because of her beauty line Kylie Cosmetics. If she had just been a reality star all her life, this achievement would never be possible.

So yes, celebrities step into the world to make more money than they otherwise would.

No Obsolescence

Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, Cher and Robert De Niro are few legendary names, who even in their 70s are considered to be the finest actors of all time.

However, that is not the case for every celebrity in the public eye.

The number of celebrities who have vanished from the world of fame without anyone even noticing is far higher than who will be remembered forever.

My point is that the entertainment world does not guarantee a permanent career. While today an actor might just be the talk of the town, the next week he or she could become old news.

This has happened to so many celebrities that now each one of them regrets not establishing something more permanent. Some forgotten celebrities have had to take long term loans for bad credit from direct lenders to make ends meet, and tragically some others have even had to love on the streets.

Contrary to this, a business does not have an expiry date. If you can make it successful, its success can perpetuate forever.

This is why celebrities, singers, songwriters, actors and even directors take on business ventures so that also if their career takes a downward spiral, the business can keep them afloat.

An Unfading Legacy

It is a human tendency that we either remember the best in people or the worst in people, once they are gone.

A singer may have had the most illustrious career in his youth, but the uncountable career mistakes he made in his later year would overshadow everything before that.

Nobody intentionally wishes for this to happen, yet it does.

However, if the singer had done something right, something a little more permanent, something that benefited the society along with him, people could think about ignoring his mistakes and counting his fortunes.

And this can be achieved by running a successful business.

Look at Rihanna for instance,

She is one of the most acknowledged and celebrated R and B singers in the world. From India to Canada, everybody loves her songs. Diamonds is still one of my favourite songs, even though it has been over 8 years to its release.

She would always be remembered for that.

However, Fenty Beauty, which is her beauty brand, is going to be her legacy that would be carried on for years to come.

People would remember her for her business and singing because she has made that kind of a mark in the beauty industry. She identified a need and served it to people on a platter, and that is why Fenty and Rihanna will be eternal.

Winding Up

In the end, all I want to say is that being a celebrity has a lot of merits, but these advantages would never surpass that of the business world.

Celebrities all over the world understand this, and that is why they are continually testing their abilities as businesspeople and succeeding brilliantly.

If celebrities are smart enough to do that, then why are we not being smart about it?

If I talk about myself, I would say that I have learnt a lesson from writing about this. And soon would be putting it to practice. I have taken the help of fast loans with no guarantor and become a part of a business venture. I am not sure if I would be successful or not, but I tried at least, and that is enough for me.

What about you?


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